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Two Yulin men recently came up with a creative method to obscure their truck’s license plates from traffic police cameras. Police spotted the truck on their traffic cameras. The screenshot from the camera shows a man in a white T-shirt crouched at the front of the truck, clinging to the bumper, his body blocking the license plate from view. The vehicle was going at about 20 km per hour.

The photo has since gone viral online. One Netizen commented, “He is risking his own life to cover up a license plate!”

Yulin police reported that the incident occurred on the city’s Yanhuang Highway. The vehicle was a heavy-duty semi-truck owned by Wubu Taihi County Transport Co., Ltd. The incident in question actually happened on July 28, but was publicized last Wednesday.

Yulin police claim that they were able to identify the vehicle. The driver will be fined 200 RMB and 12 points will be deducted from his license. As of last Thursday, police said that the driver has not yet been punished.


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This must be all that great critical thinking at work.

Aug 08, 2016 18:48 Report Abuse



Yi Ha Ha

Aug 09, 2016 05:58 Report Abuse



The license must be fake or overdue

Aug 09, 2016 13:22 Report Abuse



Toll evasion. Remember the case of some trucker who racked up more than a million kuai in toll charges a few years back and later 'fessed up to the evasion after being caught doing something similar to these two wingnuts? Whatever happened to him? Gets three meals a day and labours in a camp rolling cigarettes that sell for 3rmb per packet in Suqian.

Aug 09, 2016 17:27 Report Abuse



׳Yulin police were able to identify the vehicle' How could they identify the vehicle, when they don't know the plate number, because a grown man in a white tee shirt is clinging to the front and covering it? I bet the two guys still think Yulin police are ninjas.

Aug 10, 2016 11:39 Report Abuse