Xiamen-Shanghai Bullet Train Breaks Down in Tunnel for Five Hours

Xiamen-Shanghai Bullet Train Breaks Down in Tunnel for Five Hours
May 30, 2013 By eChinacities.com

On May 29 at 17:50, a post appeared on Weibo saying that the D3206 bullet train from Xiamen to Shanghai had broken down in a tunnel outside of Taizhou. To make matters worse, all the lights inside the train apparently cut out, and, disconcertingly, two loud “explosion” sounds were heard by the passengers. A train operator later announced that the loud sounds occurred while they were trying to fix an electrical malfunction. 

By 21:00, the D3206 train had been stopped in the tunnel for more than three hours. There was no more food or water left and some of the passengers, understandably annoyed at this point, started smashing in windows.

At 22:45, nearly five hours later, a rescue train from Taizhou Railway Station finally showed up and took the passengers back to Taizhou station. An empty high-speed rail Train from Ningbo also helped transfer passengers from train. Fortunately, passengers were able buy food and water at the Taizhou station.

At present, the Railways Ministry has still not announced the specific reasons behind the breakdown, which ended up causing delays to a number of other train routes as well.

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