Welsh Singer Removed from China’s Got Talent by Officials

Welsh Singer Removed from China’s Got Talent by Officials
Mar 27, 2013 By eChinacities.com

Dashan’s status as China’s top foreign monkey performer is safe for another day.

Welsh expat Iain Inglis, who recently took the country by storm after making it to the final sixteen of the “China’s Got Talent” television program was unexpectedly removed from the competition.

The Cardiff native, who has lived in China for eight years, gained many local fans following his performances of patriotic communist songs while dressed in a PLA uniform.

Addressing his removal, Inglis stated, “As far I knew, I was through the final round, but the day before I was due to perform I got a call from the Bureau of Broadcasting saying I wasn’t able to go on.”

Inglis said there was no real reason behind his elimination from the competition, though some have speculated that officials simply weren’t too keen on having a foreigner perform revolutionary songs.

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Source: Telegraph

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Maybe better for him , maybe not. Anyway it is sad :(

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