Weifang University Students Punished for Holding Hands on Campus

Weifang University Students Punished for Holding Hands on Campus
Dec 18, 2015 By eChinacities.com

Two Weifang University of Science and Technology students were punished by their university when they were caught holding hands on campus. The students were a young couple.

The female student, Liu, was given a serious warning because of her “bad attitude” on campus. Because of her actions, Liu will lose a number of privileges for a year.

WUST has a number of rules governing student behavior. Boys are not allowed to stay in the girls’ dormitory for too long, and vice versa. Physical contact between male and female students is forbidden. If that doesn’t sound terrible enough, students also are not allowed to play with their phones in the library, ride electric vehicles, smoke, not clear their plates in the cafeteria, and more.

“The punishment was given according to school regulations. The school does not encourage students to fall in love. Closeness between male and female students is not allowed, including holding hands.”

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"boys are not allowed to stay in girls dormitory for too long" - at least they can enter, in many university it is prohibited

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Sounds like an American Christian university.

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At my uni everyone just boinks in the bushes around the lake. There should be a clever pun to make here...

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What is the quality of education of this school? I have never heard of it before and I cannot imagine that would be the place I'd ever spend my money as a student, or as a parent, just because of this very negative attitude. Is it mandatory that these students go to this particular University, based on College Entrance Exam results or location? Just wondering. Perhaps Chinese members on this website could share their ideas here. I know that certain universities have draconian rules still but not all. I think it is time for schools to get with modern times and let humans be humans. The more you try to prevent it, the more people will rebel and this will cause bigger headaches in the future. Rather than spend so much effort preventing human contact, wouldn't it be more prudent to offer educational programs as a prerequisite to entering the first semester, for sex education and std prevention, birth control and family planning? I'm just saying. People will still behave like humans if they want and a few strict rules will only serve to make people far more careful, rather than focus solely on the "wonderful education" such an institution has to offer. Furthermore, the illegal cohabitation laws have been abolished for over a decade. While I would want to get the best education possible, I don't want my humanity to be so strictly controlled,after high school.

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"WUST has a number of rules governing student behaviour". Therefore, when one attends that university, one abides by their rules. If one doesn't like their rules, one goes somewhere else. It's a simple thing called "choice", not tyranny. If enough people said "Hey, the rules at this place are student, I'm not going to allow myself to be subject to such foolishness", either the Uni would close or change it's policy. So people here shouldn't go bleating about things like "Oh, how unfair". Now, if the uni broke their own rules, THEN it would be OK to bleat - even if said bleating is pointless and unproductive...

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So you think that there should be a rule about people holding hands? You don't think that a grown adult should be able to choose if he or she should or shouldn't hold another person's hand? The question is: why shouldn't someone hold another person's hand? What danger does that entail? Rules must have a purpose. What is the purpose of this rule?

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"Two Weifang University of Science and Technology students were punished by their university when they were caught holding hands on campus." Er... no. Not only the woman was punished.

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The girl was chastised, the boy didn't get his knob tweeked. Who came out worse?

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I can't read Chinese, so I can only guess. It could be poor reporting, or poor translation. Either way, it does state that both were punished, even if the specifications of that punishment were only given for the woman.

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The article is poorly translated. The original article said the girl was punished and said nothing about the guy, the punishment being disqualified for "Honor assessment" for one year. A mainland china university graduate told me it was an old tradition, completely useless today. Today, being honorable (have face) means having money, guanxi, foreign citizenship(s), multiple mistresses, Mercede, BMW, iphone......

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