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A video that appears to show Chinese workers being forced to drink water out of a squat toilet has gone viral.

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Chinese netizens were appalled by the video, which was alleged recorded at a photography studio in Sichuan’s Guang’an city.

Beijing News reports that the employees were being punished for their lackluster performances.

The clip shows one man using a cup to scoop water directly from the squat toilet before inspecting and then drinking it. Next, a woman is seen doing the same.

Reports claim that one female employee complained that she suffered from diarrhea after the incident and couldn’t eat anything without vomiting.

The video apparently came to light when it was shared in the company’s WeChat group and then leaked to the internet at large.

The person who filmed the video is said to have been arrested by police and put in detention for four days, but the company’s manager denies the video was recorded on the premises. He claims it was merely shared in the group as a means of motivating the staff.

Police are investigating.


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