A popular Sichuan hotpot restaurant chain has closed two of its Beijing branches after an undercover media sting exposed rat infestations and other unsanitary conditions.

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The management of Haidilao (海底捞) have acknowledged that the video footage taken by the Evening Law Report does indeed show their Jinsong and Taiyanggong restaurants in the capital.

In the clips rats can be seen scurrying all over the kitchen, while staff are pictured using eating utensils to clean out drains and washing rubbish bins in a sink for dishes. Pictures of the inside of the dishwasher also show it caked in food matter.

“We are deeply saddened and sympathetic with the public revelation of rats and unhygienic conditions at Haidilao restaurants," a statement from the restaurant chain read.

Haidilao has dozens of franchises all over China, almost 40 of which are in Beijing. In 2013 it also opened its first branch in the US.

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