University Students Develop Birth Control Thong In Pursuit of Prize

University Students Develop Birth Control Thong In Pursuit of Prize
Nov 20, 2013 By

This past March, Bill Gates offered a 100,000 USD reward to the people that can develop a new type of condom. In response, six students from the Southern Guangzhou Medical University have got their thinking caps on developed a new kind of thong underwear that serves as a condom. The group has high hopes for this invention and have applied for a patent for it. They hope to win the huge prize from Bill Gates.

Kong Yanxiang, a third-year student at the Southern Medical University, realized that China’s sexual health education was outdated, and that there were very few people involved in researching and developing condoms. Therefore, she, four other female students, and one male student began to research the concept of “condom pants”.

After several months, they developed “the Eros Protector”, a thong with a pocket that was capable of dispensing a condom. The entire construct consists of implanting a spiral design into the thong with a condom via a slip-resistant capsule that is held in place. They said, “Traditional condoms use oil-based lubricants that are incompatible with the pH levels of women’s vaginas and can adversely effect women’s health. We have used a water-soluble lubricant derived from Chinese herbal medicine in order to provide users with safe and reliable protection. The condom is designed as a slip-resistant compact capsule and uses the principle of vacuum absorption to help store semen instead of having it flow backwards; as well as to help keep the condom from slipping off. ”

At present, the group is searching for a factory to cooperate with them on this endeavor. Even though they face stiff competition, they are brimming with pride at becoming the cream of the crop.

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dispense "a" condom? so, it's only good for one use? or, they intend it for reuse? seems there's holes in their condo creation

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1:1 scale design sketch should fit Mr. Gates

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as well as majority of men here in China? haha

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You can't make up such a thing as that. I dare you to even try.

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"stiff competition"...."brimming"...."cream of the crop" guys are getting pretty punny....!!

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ohh, Big Brother , your news department have to get someone, who really know newspeak

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"Traditional condoms use oil-based lubricants that are incompatible with the pH levels of women’s vaginas" Why do they say "incompatible with the pH levels of women's vaginas"? Is that as opposed to the pH levels of men's vaginas?

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too stupid

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