Ultra-Rich Chinese Woman Drops 400K on UK Luxury Maternity Hospital

Ultra-Rich Chinese Woman Drops 400K on UK Luxury Maternity Hospital
Apr 07, 2016 By eChinacities.com

BBC recently released a documentary on 24-year-old Beijing fashion designer Lu Hui and her experience giving birth in a five-star luxury private maternity hospital in the United Kingdom. In four days at the hospital, Lu spend a total of 40,000 Pounds, or about 400,000 Yuan.

Lu’s husband is a famous business tycoon who runs a shipping company in Hong Kong. She said that when she found out she was pregnant, she decided to have her child in London at a private hospital. Her decision was influenced by Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton, who also had their children in private hospitals in London.

“I Googled the best maternity hospital in London. The first hospital that came up was the one I knew that Victoria Beckham had used. She is my idol,” said Lu.

Lu gave birth to her son Lucas in London on October 1, 2015.

At the luxury maternity hospital, pregnant women stay in suites with bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. The room service is on par with that of a five-star hotel, and patients enjoy attention from a professional team on call 24 hours a day. Lu enjoyed the hospital chef’s food after giving birth and English afternoon tea. The hospital even offers a lobster and champagne package for new mothers and their families. Mothers can live like the traditional British aristocracy and take their fancy meals while in bed.

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"Victoria Beckham is my idol" says it all... shallow person.

Apr 12, 2016 01:56 Report Abuse



we have to see the 2 flourishing businesses no matter the economic condition is "medical services" and "anything related to children", because basically you dont have an option. I would work 3 jobs, but want my children to go to a good/best school. a good school anywhere in the world costs around USD 2000 a month... and thats what parents do.. whats the point ofmoney if you dont spend it..

Apr 10, 2016 13:29 Report Abuse



however a positive change would be when some one rich enough would take responsibility for more kids who are not that priviledged and give them good education, maybe they would change the world some day....atleast one would... im not in the favor of handing a free charity, but i am in strong favor of being a helping hand to those who "WANT" to change their situation...its pretty to sit about and cry about ones situation, people like than dont deserve a dime, they might aswell rott in their situation, but if someone cries because they never got a chance is a different story..every one deserves atleast one chance...

Apr 10, 2016 19:11 Report Abuse



This is actually not that much. My wife had our boy in the States at an ordinary hospital, and the sticker price was $23,000 for three days/nights. We only paid $1,100 though thanks to insurance. This really isn't a lot. Beyonce spent $1.3 million USD when giving birth. I'm not impressed by this tuhao; pockets probably aren't that deep.

Apr 09, 2016 02:20 Report Abuse



basically its not that much...a normal birth in china costs around 100-150k....now if you take out the insurance stuff, it costs the same..i broke my leg and i thought of consulting a private hospital in shanghai, 3000 rmb just for consultation..and i racked 92000 rmb at a government hospital .,,cuz i didnt have insurance...infact i think the baby was born cheaper with the level of services she received...if she was in china the bill would be three times..

Apr 10, 2016 13:25 Report Abuse



Definite contender for tuhao slapped of the year. Wonder how much the yuezizhongxin was, couple of million?

Apr 08, 2016 12:24 Report Abuse



Ultra RETARDED Tuhao Bitch Drops 400K on UK Luxury Maternity Hospital

Apr 08, 2016 08:31 Report Abuse



Hu Fa Kin Rei

Apr 08, 2016 05:07 Report Abuse



Victoria Beckham as an idol. Sigh.

Apr 07, 2016 23:05 Report Abuse



Not your average Chinese, the 1% always are filthy rich, regardless of the country.

Apr 07, 2016 20:08 Report Abuse