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A tricycle hauling a wagon filled with trash scratched up a Mercedes-Benz and a Volkswagen in an accident this past Friday in Yangzhou. Both cars were damaged. The driver of the Mercedes-Benz estimates that his repairs will cost 50,000 RMB. The police have not determined which driver was responsible for the accident.

The owner of the Mercedes-Benz says when he was driving from west to east on Xincheng East Road, the driver of the tricycle suddenly changed lanes and drove into the left lane. “I shifted my car left instinctively but realized that if I changed lanes, I would have hit a bus.” He hit the tricycle, leaving a large dent in the car’s door.

The driver of the Volkswagen said that he was turning right onto Xingcheng East Road from Weiyang Road. He had already turned on to Xingcheng East Road. The accident happened during rush hour. There were many cars on the road, all stopping and going. The driver stopped behind a BMW sedan, and felt a slight bump. He looked back and saw that his car had been hit by the tricycle.

The driver of the tricycle said that he had been driving in the middle lane. The Volkswagen had suddenly changed lanes to the left. He swerved to the left and braked but it was too late and the Volkswagen had grazed him. Then, the Mercedes-Benz had sped up from behind him and the two vehicles scraped together.

Police and insurance company representatives both arrived at the scene. The police are currently still investigation as to which driver caused the incident.


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The tricycle should not be driving anywhere except the bicycle lane. As for the owner of the Benz, it is strange how every option is considered except stopping.

Jul 20, 2016 16:08 Report Abuse



Its all their fault. By driving is common in China. It is "me first, me first" idea

Jul 20, 2016 17:24 Report Abuse



Motorized tricycle doesn't follow traffic laws. In other news: water is wet!

Jul 20, 2016 19:46 Report Abuse



here's how they figure this out: 1) the trash guy can't pay, and the benz owner is richest, so make vdubbau driver pay

Jul 31, 2016 07:36 Report Abuse