Tour Guide Locks Mainland Tourists in Jewelry Store, Forces them to Spend 5,000 HKD

Tour Guide Locks Mainland Tourists in Jewelry Store, Forces them to Spend 5,000 HKD
Feb 27, 2015 By

A mainland tourist has claimed that a tour guide shut her in a jewelry store and threatened not to take the group to Disneyland as planned, unless she spent 5,000 HKD.

Pan, from Harbin, says that she joined the tour in Shenzhen and had already visited Ocean Park and the Avenue of the Stars. They were due to go to Disneyland when the tour group stopped at a jewelry store.

According to the 58-year-old, the tour guide then instructed the group to spend a minimum of 5,000 HKD in the store. They were told that if they failed to comply then their luggage would be thrown off the bus and they wouldn’t be taken to Disneyland.

Pan purchased a gold pendant worth 2,680 HKD but that apparently wasn’t enough for the tour guide who tried to push her into spending more. Pan had had enough at this point and called the police, who mediated the ensuing two-hour-long dispute.

They eventually got their money back and got back on the bus, to continue what was undoubtedly, an uncomfortable tour.

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It's the natural order of things these days. You take the tour you accept the risk. End of story.

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They joined the tour in Shenzhen and got screwed by their tour guide. Is that news to mainlanders? The woman called the police and got their money back. Is that news for Hong Kongers? In both cases I don't think so.

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This is not a new thing. There are tours such as these that are being run as rackets. The front is a tour company that promises to do whatever the contract states but there are grey areas in the contract. These are operating in the mainland. The endgame is either in Hong Kong, Macau, or the big T island off the Fujian coast. A Chinese colleage of mine did this kind of tour about 3 years ago. She was forced into some marketplace like store and told that each person must spend a certain amount of money in the store or not be allowed to leave. The door was locked and blocked by some thuggish looking fellas to add to the fun. Personally, whenever I book a tour in China, I ask up front what are the "extra" activities and I state them clearly before handing the money over to the guide. I say that I know of some scams and that I do not wish to be pressured into visiting traditional Chinese medicine pharmacies, "hungry student artist" galleries, "world famous" souvenir shops, jewelry shops, fruit markets, "duty free shops", and local meat factories or anything like this. Some agents will state up front that this kind of thing is a part of the tour and I will then mention that if I MUST attend because it is along the way to the next attraction location, I will not receive one scowl or frown, or threat, or swear word, or one tiny bit of pressure or when I get back, I will make things known. Since the money is in my hand and contract not yet signed, they will agree. I have never had any tour agency give me grief for asking smart questions and the tour guides themselves know enough to lay off me, although other members aren't so lucky. It always pays to keep money and pen in hand and asking the right questions before signing and paying. Although this is not a 100% guarantee, Chinese face "mianzi" is a powerful tool to use against them in the case of funny business going on. When you ask the right questions and make them submit, it makes things that much more difficult to get away with nonsense like what we have just read in this article here.

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you take tours in China? LMAO why bother?

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China has many wonderful places of interest and sometimes it is better to book through a tour. I am sure some people visiting New York City want to ask if the mugging they experienced was included in the tour fee or not as well. I happen to like China and there are many places I would highly recommend touring. Just make sure you bring your brains.

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Thanks I will remember to bring my brains when I travel.

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bring your brains means dont trust the tours ? ... being mugged in NYE is not prearranged by the tours as this having to spend money in some store is pre arranged in some Chinese tour ... now I have the final say.. miss or mr final say

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He mentioned NY mugging because the wumao is just doing his job.

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Cute reply but clearly you must know I was just making a point, I didn't really mean this. Anyway, enjoy.

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The-Final-Say are you on the payroll of the mainland government or just doing this voluntarily? I have no political axe to grind but I see you on every article and want to know what drives you. Kuai or patriotism? You are either a Mainlander or a very fetishist outsider.

Mar 07, 2015 02:16 Report Abuse



You keep checking what I wrote everyday. You smart, you loyal and I appreciate that. Well I have a point of view that is heavily influenced on my experiences, personally. The topics on this website must be topics worthy of my notice, otherwise I probably wouldn't be reading them, you? But honestly, I've stopped thinking the way other people think a long time ago. I think like I wanna think and I don't concern myself with who's side I am on because my personal experiences and friends in life have made me who I am today.

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real sick....

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That's illegal. In fact ALL pre-bookeded tours that involve an arrangement with a third party retail outlet vendor are illegal. What's wrong with Chinese law? Why don't they enforce it? Are Chinese police impotent?

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hehe ... very true,no why ... it looks like it was almost considered understandable as in China everything for money has little limits

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