The Canteen Food in this Shanghai University is Too Experimental for Students’ Liking

The Canteen Food in this Shanghai University is Too Experimental for Students’ Liking
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An attempt by chefs at East China Normal University to inject creativity in to the canteen menu backfired recently. According to a netizen, the school offered a new dish consisting of stir-fried sweet corn and grapes. Despite the chefs’ seemingly good intentions, nobody was willing to give it a try.

Most students deemed the dish “weird” and one netizen even asked if the chefs learned their cooking skills at a mechanic training school. However, East China Normal University isn’t the first higher education institute to try to spruce things up with unusual menus. The canteen at Wuhan University invented a “Chinese-style salad” which consists of apple and fried melon, as well as sweet and sour pork with honey melon and boiled red dates with white fungus and melon. Meanwhile, a canteen at Fujian Normal University unveiled a dish consisting of fried mooncake and peppers, and Hubei University of Economics invented a dish made of fried tomato and pineapples.


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ANYTHING that adds COLOUR adds vital vitamins. Generally the Chinese diet does not offer sufficient variety in this context. Unfortunately, the students have been condtioned to accept there regular Bak Fan as the norm from childhood.It will not change overnight.

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