Sick of Students Using Phones in Class, Professor Chucks iPhones Out the Window

Sick of Students Using Phones in Class, Professor Chucks iPhones Out the Window
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A professor, sick of her students playing on their phones all class, confiscated three of her students’ smart phones and threw them out the third floor window. The phones, which included two iPhone 6S Pluses, were cracked beyond repair from the fall.

Xiao Lin (pseudonym) a journalism major at the university, told the story to the media. In an afternoon sociology class of over 100 students, a number of students were on their phones after class had started. The professor walked over to three girls on their phones and confiscated the devices.

“The teacher had made it clear before that we were not allowed to play with phones during class. The girls thought that they would just get their phones back at the end of class, and that it did not matter that much,” said Xiao Lin. However, instead, the professor opened the window and threw the three phones out from the third floor classroom.

The entire class was shocked, and all put their phones away at once. “During the lesson, no one dared look at their mobile phone,” said Xiao Lin.

After class, the students ran to the first floor to look for the phones. They were found on the ground floor in the flower bed. However, the screens of the phones had been smashed beyond repair and the phones would not turn on.

After throwing the phone, the professor told the students that they should open their eyes to experience the real world instead of constantly indulging in the mobile world.


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As someone who has taught both high school and college for total of 16 years, both in the USA and China, I have three things to say about this: 1: High school students should have their phones confiscated if still using them after one warning, and then returned at the end of the class or end of the day. For further offenses, maybe keep it longer. 2. College students should be asked to leave the room if they can't follow rules. No need to treat them like children like Chinese universities tend to do. 3. It is not ok for a teacher or professor to destroy students' cell phones. I am surprised so many here applaud the teacher for this. Even if you believe she was right to do so, do you think any students will give up their phones to her after this? This action just made the students lose respect and trust for their professor, and she should be made to reimburse the students, and warned that she will be fired if she does something like this again.

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iPhones cannot fly? Shocking.

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Since kids like to use their phones anyway in class, what I did was give them tests and contests using their phones to search the internet for answers. And since everyone had QQ or we chat, used it as the "answering machine" on contests and used the projector to see who gets the answers first. Works every time! You want to use your phones, use it to check your homework on the internet!

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Good for the professor, its about time these kids learnt to follow the rules.

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Kudos Prof. Love the line about real world vs mobile world. An instant "wake-the-f**k-up" slap.

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next time they'll have previously purchased the flying phone app

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I wish he had dared some boys not girls. That was coward! But the lesson is well served.

Oct 30, 2015 02:23 Report Abuse



The professor was also a woman.

Oct 30, 2015 07:18 Report Abuse



Still, she could have dared boys, not only girls.

Oct 30, 2015 11:45 Report Abuse



This was a case of who was playing at on their phones at that time and not the gender thing you are trying to perpetuate.

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maybe the professor should have encouraged eveyone to use their phones during class. then he/she could start bringing a pre-recoreded lecture for the class and they wouldnt notice him/her not being there. he/she wouldnt have to worry about showing for class. this is what happened in the film "real genius" !!!

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Bravo, a great teacher.

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I do the same thing myself. After multiple warnings I'm prone to snap and out the window they go. The students that is, not the phones. Not exactly the same thing then.

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well done xiao lin..finally you opened their eyes..

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Haha, good on the professor, shame she'll get in trouble for it.

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