Sichuan Woman Returns 496 Million RMB Accidental Bank Transfer

Sichuan Woman Returns 496 Million RMB Accidental Bank Transfer
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A woman in Sichuan got the shock of her life when she received a notice from her bank saying that 496,906,463.18 RMB had just been transferred into her account.

51 year old Mrs Mu, at first suspected it was a scam of some sort and immediately went to the ATM to check. Sure enough, her balance had increased to several thousand times her life savings in an instant.

She quickly realised that it was just a mistake by the bank and decided to do the honest thing. She went to the bank to tell them what had happened and discovered that it was a simple mistake by one of the bank tellers. The matter was cleared up within ten minutes, and the unfortunate employee was later fired.

She told reporters that it was a difficult decision seeing as she only earns around 3,000 RMB a month, but she wouldn’t have felt right claiming the money.

Her honesty was praised by some netizens, but others were quick to point out that she didn’t really have a choice, as the bank was unlikely to ignore such a big mistake for so long.

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It's true. She didn't really have a choice unless she transferred it to some off-shore bank account and bailed out of the country. As for the bank employee... wow, found out the hard way you should double check when are sending someone $80 million USD.

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Lol... Danieldaniel, do you happen to be an ex-bank clerk?

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