Shanghai Woman Refused HK Visa Due to Post Plastic Surgery Photo ID

Shanghai Woman Refused HK Visa Due to Post Plastic Surgery Photo ID
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Obvious Michael Jackson comparisons aside, cosmetic surgery does also have other drawbacks—mainly that once you go under the knife, chances are you’ll barely resemble your former self. 

A Shanghai woman named Miss Jin had a fair share of nipping and tucking done to improve her chances of finding a good job. Recently, Jin fancied a trip to Hong Kong, so she went on down to the Qingpu Exit and Entry Administration Office to get her relevant visa documents sorted out. However, much to her surprise, she was refused the visa to Hong Kong because the officers on duty said that her actual appearance didn’t match her ID card.

The Shanghai Police then kindly reminded citizens via their official Weibo account that if you’ve had facial plastic surgery done and need to apply for an overseas visa, you should update your ID card at your local police station with an up-to-date photo of yourself to ensure the application process goes smoothly.  


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Definitely, her collar is exactly the same. The left part of the pic is that ugly woman who went viral for for having extremely high standards when looking for a husband. I'm guessing it's related somehow, like "maybe if she looked like this she'd be successful" or something.

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Even the hair are complete same way on the picture :-)

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I remember when I went to Hong Kong, I had a really hard time getting in, because I had lost a lot of weight in less than a year, and only had my Passport for about 6 months, but I looked like a completely different person, especially since I cut my long hair. It took 4 different customs officials 20 extra minutes to look at me and my documents to finally let me in after they decided I wasn't lying about myself. Moral of the story, always keep your photos updated, and carry an extra photo ID, like a driver's license or bank card with your photo. They asked me for 4 or 5 different ID's I did not have so they could quickly let me in, but of course I only carried my Passport book. Hong Kong/Chinese border officials are very strict on this, so the visa department this girl went to was probably doing her a favor and saving her further trouble.

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