Shanghai Taxi Driver Investigated for Ripping Off Passengers on Multiple Occasions

Shanghai Taxi Driver Investigated for Ripping Off Passengers on Multiple Occasions
May 19, 2016 By

Shanghai media recently reported a taxi driver with the license plate “BX8373” trying to cheat passengers on the Bund. The same driver was recently found trying to cheat passengers again and was detained by police. These past few weeks, Shanghai police have been cracking down on taxis trying to cheat passengers.

Shanghai media previously reported that a Shanghai driver was caught trying to charge passengers 100 RMB for a three or four kilometer ride from the Bund to Chengdu Road and Weihai Road. The fair for about a three or four kilometer ride in Shanghai is usually about 20 RMB. “Even if I only take you 0.5 kilometers, the far will still be 150 RMB. Wait five hours if you want to use the meter,” the driver had said. 

On the night of May 16, uncover officers stopped to inspect a taxi parked on near Nanjing Road. They had seen some residents stop and talk to the drive and then walk away. Police suspected that the taxi had refused to take them. Police approached the cab. The driver said that he was in operation. When he heard they wanted to go to Zhongshan Road and Wuning Road, he said the price would be 150 RMB. “You can go or not go, I don’t use the meter at night. If you want to use the meter wait until 5 am,” he said. The officers realized that the taxi had the license plate “BX8373.” It was the same driver that had received complaints in the past.

Officers immediately showed their documentation and told the driver that he would be investigated for refusing to take passengers, which is illegal. If the driver is found guilty he will be fined 200 RMB and be suspended for 15 days. If the driver is in fact the driver in the media reports, then his punishment may be more serious and his taxi license may be revoked.

Passengers are often rejected by taxis on the Bund. It is an area of bargaining and chaos, especially at night. Shanghai traffic police recently deployed 20 officers to investigate taxi drivers in the Bund area and punish drivers who refuse passengers or try to bargain fares. On May 18, officers investigated over 40 taxis in three hours in different areas of the Bund. A number were found refusing or trying to bargain with passengers and dealt with according to the law.


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Some taxi drivers, if they know ur not from town or speak Chinese with accent, some of them will take you for a ride

Jun 09, 2016 22:05 Report Abuse



I walk in China! Once, taxi driver would show me cert. of the jail time served, I'd sit in.

May 22, 2016 00:10 Report Abuse



Can't say this is too surprising... I wonder if apps like Didi Dache and Uber could force the taxi drivers to stop ripping people off.

May 21, 2016 09:57 Report Abuse



Didi Dache seems like a niche market... for some reason cabs don't seem to use it at all in many cities. In Shanghai its sorta iffy. Even worse are tier 2 cities or anywhere outside of Jiangsu province in general. Uber seems to be headquartered in Shanghai, maybe it works better there...?

May 23, 2016 19:33 Report Abuse



Now you know why I use Uber and am liberated from China's taxi mess

May 20, 2016 16:11 Report Abuse



The area around the maglev station at longyang road in shanghai is notorious too. It would be great if the police could clean up that area

May 20, 2016 12:31 Report Abuse



Are they actually listen to their own words? 200 RMB fine? WTF... he ripped off people for thousands and he got a 200 RMB fine... TIC

May 20, 2016 10:23 Report Abuse



the punishment doesn't seem to serve as much of a deterrent, or indicate a lot of concern on the part of authorities

May 20, 2016 05:55 Report Abuse



Taxi drivers in China have been ripping off customers? Colour me shocked.

May 20, 2016 05:08 Report Abuse