Shanghai Couple Fined and Jailed for Selling Fake New Balance Sneakers

Shanghai Couple Fined and Jailed for Selling Fake New Balance Sneakers
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A Shanghai couple was sentenced to four months administrative detention, fined, and had their business license suspended for five months for selling counterfeit New Balance sneakers.

The couple ran a shop in Shanghai’s Xietu Road Shoe City, and purchased a number of fake New Balance shoes for foreign sales. Wu Fang’s husband Xu Lang took over the shop for her after she had a miscarriage in November 2014. He was responsible for the purchase and sale of the counterfeit shoes.

Police raided the shop on August 21, 2015 and seized a small number of fake New Balance sneakers. Xu Lang was arrested. Xu Lang confessed that there were large stocks of fake sports sneakers on the fifth floor of the shoe warehouse. Police conducted a search and confiscated 896 pairs of New Balances.

Of these, 879 pairs were fake. New Balance shoes normally sell for about 700 Yuan a pair. Wu Fang confessed in court that the couple purchased fake New Balances for 15-30 Yuan, and sold them for 80 Yuan a pair. 

The couple had been involved in sales of counterfeit goods totaling 610,000 Yuan. The court ruled that they had violated criminal law by selling counterfeit trademarked goods and should be held criminally responsible.

However, the court said that the couple had confessed their crime and showed repentance. Wu Fang and Xu Lang were sentenced to four months detention, and fined 3,000 Yuan each. The couple’s business license was revoked for five months. 


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only 3000 RMB each and made over 600k, damn, they got off way too easy.

Jun 14, 2016 21:49 Report Abuse



Not to say that what they did was wrong but isn't the shop the last link in a long chain? Will the police now try to find out where the shoes came from in the first place or are the only attacking the symptoms instead of the cause?

Apr 13, 2016 14:25 Report Abuse



They made 610,00 and only paid 6,000; seems they'll be back to it after their 4-month vacay

Apr 13, 2016 09:33 Report Abuse



Nice, hopefully the government will work to remove fakes goods more often.

Apr 12, 2016 18:27 Report Abuse