Shandong Thief Made Creepy Face Masks out of Pig Skin to Evade Police

Shandong Thief Made Creepy Face Masks out of Pig Skin to Evade Police
Jul 11, 2013 By

A 25-year-old Shandong man has recently been detained after it was found that he used various real-looking masks to escape police capture, and had reportedly made around 40,000 RMB from over 20 thefts.

The man, surnamed Lang from Jiaozhou, near Qingdao, began his stealing spree back in July 2012. Prior to his crimes, Lang purchased 500 RMB of leather online which he then forged with pigskin from a local market to make the masks. After constructing the masks, Lang then learnt some makeup tips online which he then used on the masks, making them all look completely different.

Stealing electric poles which he would then sell on, Lang disposed of each mask nearby the crime scene so a different one would be used next time.

Recently, police in Jiaozhou spotted a man acting strangely and carrying a load of expensive high-tech goods with him, and went over to investigate. It was found that the man, who turned out to be Lang, was unemployed and had a previous criminal record. Lang is currently in police custody.

Source: Ifeng

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This guy is really talented: Clever, skilled, self learning, self determined, critical thinker. Someone hire this guy!

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China never cease to amaze me

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Agreed Nich, something tells me that when this goes viral, this man has a really bright future.

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