Samsung Apologizes to Chinese Consumers After CCTV Criticizes Handsets

Samsung Apologizes to Chinese Consumers After CCTV Criticizes Handsets
Oct 24, 2013 By

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CCTV’s state-backed vendetta against foreign firms continues it seems and the latest company to fall prey to the state-run TV station is Samsung. Following a recent thirty-minute story criticizing Samsung for a bug that caused hardware damage to phones and for not covering repairs under warranty, Samsung issued a public apology to Chinese consumers via CCTV’s finance channel on October 23.

The report addressed flaws in seven handsets (S3: I939, I9300/CM16, I9308/M16; NOTE2: N719/M16, M7100/CM16, N7102/CM16 and N7108/CM16) and promised that repairs would be available to customers free of charge. They also pledged to replace damaged phones for brand new ones if flaws are detected after two repair attempts. Moreover, all above mentioned models manufactured before November 30, 2012 will receive a one year extension on their warranties.


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And, let's see how many Chinese manufacturers follow suit.

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