Repeat Pengci Offender Lies Naked in Front of a Mercedes in Zhejiang

Repeat Pengci Offender Lies Naked in Front of a Mercedes in Zhejiang
Apr 13, 2016 By

A woman in a Mercedes in Wenling, Zhejiang was the victim of strange pengci case this past Sunday after a naked man on a bicycle lay down in front of her vehicle and pretended that she had hit him. 

The woman had noticed the man behaving strangely near her car, and had braked and reversed her car to leave the scene. When the man saw her backing up, he rolled under the front of the car. When the woman saw the man lying in front of her car, she was terrified. The incident was reported to the local police, who began to investigate the man for possibly committing pengci.

Police reported that the man, born 1985 in Henan, had previously been arrested for pengci for purposefully smashing a Toyota on April 3. The man had been detained for destruction of property for seven days.


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Looks like he was just resting, maybe even sunbathing?

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Detention doesn't seem to be working

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well atleast he is prepped for it...go girl, lets see the 4 wheel drive on that AMG...

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