Qingdao Man Leaves Bank Card in ATM, Thief Withdraws 16,000 Yuan

Qingdao Man Leaves Bank Card in ATM, Thief Withdraws 16,000 Yuan
Jan 19, 2016 By eChinacities.com

Yesterday morning, Mr. Li called the Qingdao police to report that his bank card had been stolen and someone and withdrawn 16,000 Yuan.

Li told police that about five minutes before the incident, he had taken 3,000 Yuan out from an ATM on Qingdao’s Fushun Road. A young man had been standing behind him in line for the ATM. Li was worried that the man would try to rob him, and walked away quickly after taking his money. As he got in his car and drove away, he continued to receive automatic texts from his bank to notify him of withdrawals. He received seven messages in all, each saying that money had been taken out. The withdrawals totaled 16,000 Yuan. Li realized that he had forgotten to take his bank card out of the ATM.

Police rushed to the ATM machine, and Li followed. Police spotted a man using the ATM machine through the glass door. Li recognized the man as the same person who had been behind him in line. Police entered the kiosk and seized 16,000 Yuan in cash from the man. Li’s bank card was still in the ATM.

The suspect confessed to police that he had noticed that Li had left his card in the machine. When Li left, the screen had given the man the option to “continue to withdraw.” He took out six more withdrawals of 2,500 Yuan. When he reached 16,000 Yuan, he realized that he could not take any more money from the card, and tried to think of other ways to transfer the card’s balance to his own account. He was attempting to do this when police arrived and arrested him. The suspect has been detained by the police on criminal charges.

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This is not a crime anymore ! Anyone would attend to withdrow money if an idiot forget his card in the ATM ! Be serious ! Tentation is big in this case when the card allow you take money... Who is that one who will just take the card from ATM while the card alllow him to extracting and ask the bank " hey, here a people forgot his card in ATM ..." ????? Hahahahha ! Is sound like a story for kids with happy end and good night kids ! .... It remember me of Mr. Bean in the park when he asked a people to take a picture for him and the people asked him to turn his back and go far... more far.. to take the picture, then the people runned away with his camera ! ... Mr. Bean then go found him with the police , similar this case .. Hahahah

Jan 24, 2016 19:55 Report Abuse



I see the editors finally put up the right article as indicated by the title, two days later. Better late than never I suppose.

Jan 21, 2016 08:11 Report Abuse



Hey, I think I'll not only stick around the crime scene but also try to make the crime traceable

Jan 21, 2016 07:23 Report Abuse



Wow! I don't know who's dumber.

Jan 20, 2016 16:27 Report Abuse



hahah, stupid man. If i withdrawn money 16 000 rmb i'd go where nbd coulf find me. and wouldnt tranfer money on my card account, realy wouldnt))))))))))))))))

Jan 20, 2016 11:53 Report Abuse



Hahahaha... I see things are the same in China as they have ever been since I have left.

Jan 20, 2016 07:42 Report Abuse



the editor started celebrating spring festival...

Jan 20, 2016 06:01 Report Abuse



ha. i was thinking exactly the same thing. obviously wrong title with the article. TIC.

Jan 19, 2016 19:26 Report Abuse