Police Officer Arrested for Migrant Worker Death

Police Officer Arrested for Migrant Worker Death
Dec 31, 2014 By eChinacities.com

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A police officer has been arrested on allegations of abuse of power after a picture of him standing over an unconscious migrant worker surfaced on Weibo. The 47 year old woman, surnamed Zhou, later died in police custody. 

Officer Wang was called out to a construction site in Taiyuan on the evening of December 13 after Zhou’s son and three other workers went there to demand delayed salaries. Zhou had followed them there because she was worried for his safety.

Zhou and Wang got into a physical altercation when she tried to stop him handcuffing her husband. According to her son’s testimony, Officer Wang pulled his mother’s hair and twisted her neck.

She then lay on the ground, unconscious for over an hour in freezing sub-zero temperatures. Officers stood on her hair and accused her of ‘playing dead.’ She was still unconscious when they bundled her into a car and took her to the police station alongside her husband and son.

Zhou’s husband was woken up around 03:00 and informed that his wife was dead. He still doesn’t know if it had happened at the police station, or if she was already gone when the police handcuffed her at the construction site.

The death was logged as ‘abnormal’ in police records and is now under investigation.

Source: China Daily

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the police force is a gaggle of useless CCP cousins. whoops, we broke your mom's neck because we have no impulse control. why did the cultural revolution cull all the intellectuals, brave and honest folk, but these muppets get to roam free?

Jan 03, 2015 21:41 Report Abuse



Well, I for one feel very sorry for the husband and son. They've lost their wife and mum - regardless of the circumstances surrounding the police action (and please tell me that none of you have forgotten the regular "death in police custody" that is almost a weekly occurrence in the US...), 2 people have had their lives needlessly up-ended. :(

Jan 01, 2015 14:26 Report Abuse



The 'this happens anywhere' argument falls apart with percentages.

Jan 02, 2015 12:08 Report Abuse



I am curious, would the policeman have been arrested if the story wasn't made public?

Dec 31, 2014 21:42 Report Abuse



What exactly were the police arresting the migrant workers for? For demanding their salaries..? How dare they?! Then it sounds like they break a woman's neck or something? Police or hired thugs... you decide!

Dec 31, 2014 21:24 Report Abuse



For being a migrant who don't shut-ut and suck it up. Damned migrants, whom the "economic miracle" is largely built-upon, and want some crumbles in return.

Jan 04, 2015 09:52 Report Abuse



So her son was arrested for not getting paid? Chinese police when people begin rioting you will be the first people to die.

Dec 31, 2014 19:29 Report Abuse