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Changsha police came up with a creative solution to punish a woman who had parked her car illegally. Mrs. Wang had taken her children out to buy food at the local market. She had parked her car illegally on the side of the road.

Police put a boot on her car. She went to the local station, and was told that police had informed staff to not unlock her car for eight hours. Traffic police stated that when cars are parked illegally, it is often dangerous when the driver pulls out of the space. They added that in the past, illegal parkers were always punished this way.


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Finally, some action. Police should do this ALL THE TIME and ticket too. Next step, bring out the trucks to drag the cars about and put the cars in jail, till the owner bails it out. Good job!

Jul 14, 2016 21:37 Report Abuse



"finally some action": that's what the cops said after they put the boot to a woman for the first time

Jul 15, 2016 16:16 Report Abuse



parked dangerously, so leave it there longer...

Jul 15, 2016 05:37 Report Abuse



The amount of illegal road activities could net local governments more than enough money for public use. That way they could properly fund the civil services (police, fire response and emergency response). Rather than having people just create a more dangerous environment with neglect, they will be responsible for their actions through the likelihood of punishment.

Jul 15, 2016 20:11 Report Abuse



If you really want to be a jerk with car owners call 122 (free number) to get cars on your street ticketed. All you need to do is call and give the name of your street. They will send a police officer within 10~20 minutes and he / she will start ticketing every cars parked illegally. Repeat every single day or as necessary, eventually when it becomes a steady source of income for the local government they will set up one or several cameras that take photos of the license plates and automatically send tickets to the car owners.

Jul 15, 2016 23:52 Report Abuse