Photos of Male Passerby “Raped” By Woman in Chengdu Go Viral

Photos of Male Passerby “Raped” By Woman in Chengdu Go Viral
Mar 05, 2013 By

On the evening of February 28, photos depicting a possibly intoxicated woman in Chengdu “raping” a man on the street went viral on Weibo. The woman in question was spotted near the Jiyuan Bridge in Chengdu, and apparently pushed a male passer by onto the pavement before mounting him, as the man soon gave up any feeble attempts at resistance. Despite the growing concern about STDs in the country, many male netizens have expressed regret that they “weren’t the lucky guy” and have told of their intentions to fly to Chengdu to “get raped.”

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The dude wanted it obviously.

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Man! I need to go to Chengdu, that's just crazy hot!

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