Passengers Make Up to 1,000 RMB an Hour Selling Wifi on Trains

Passengers Make Up to 1,000 RMB an Hour Selling Wifi on Trains
Jan 26, 2014 By

Passengers Make Up to 1,000 RMB an Hour Selling Wifi on Trains

A few clever entrepreneurs have begun selling Wifi on trains to customers desperate for a fix of internet. These ‘businessmen’ have reported profits of up to 1,000 RMB an hour. The process was all too simple really. They merely used their laptops as wireless hotspots and got customers around them to pay them to access their internet for 30 minutes at a time.

China’s transport authorities have since heard of this scheme and have predictably condemned the internet ‘dealers’ and begun a crack down on selling Wifi on public transport vehicles. The authorities claim that the service is a violation of their regulations and are on the lookout for the vendors. We have a feeling that no customer will be willing to rat them. Stating connected on long arduous journey’s is just too important.


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The locals are always preying the fellow desperates to leech money from their poor countrymen. They should use them brains to milk the rich not the poor..fuking no principles.. but hey. it takes too hands to clap as the desperates need their these type of leeches.

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Hey, free enterprise, right? Now where's my cut?

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