“Oldest Person to Have Ever Lived” Dies in Guangxi Aged 127

“Oldest Person to Have Ever Lived” Dies in Guangxi Aged 127
Jun 14, 2013 By eChinacities.com

According to her relatives, Luo Meizhen, who was from Bama County in Guangxi, died at the age of 127 on June 12. Official documents state that Luo was born on July 9 1885, which if true, would make her the oldest person to have ever lived.

On June 12, fellow centenarian Jiroemon Kimura, who was confirmed as the world’s oldest living person on December 17 2012, died in Japan aged 116. However, with the revelations regarding Luo, it would seem that Kimura’s title, and that of current oldest person to have ever lived, Jeanne Calment, (122, according to Guinness World Records) are both now disputable.

Luo’s claim has largely been ignored by the international community however due to the fact that during the period of her birth, there was no reliable birth certification system. Despite this, Xinhua ran reports of her recent 127th birthday where she was declared as “China’s oldest person.”

Luo worked as a farmer all her life in a village in Bama County, which is famous for housing over 80 centenarians.

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Source: Sina

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I think it is truth for indeed there are a lot of centenarians in Bama county.I have a belief that people can live longer through sports and reasonable diets.

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Firstly, Chinese people can change their birth certificates (usually in order to get married when they're too young) by paying a little money. Secondly (and I'll say this as tactfully as possible), China isn't known for having the most accurate historical records. Nor is China known for being amazingly truthful when it comes to matters of national pride. China's relationship with history, statistics, public records, accountability and honesty is strained at best.

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This story is false. The facts are all wrong. Many people have lived past 127. Methusela lived to be 969, Noah 950, Adam 930. In fact there are stories of Indians who lived to be 130 and a person in Africa who is still alive who is 169. Its amazes me how people think they can actually make the determination of who the oldest person was to ever live. Get another hobby please!

Jun 15, 2013 20:51 Report Abuse



i think you took it the wrong way,while Noah,Adam did live very long lives but when the term "ever lived" is used it refers to the present era...also the 169 year old man is not from Africa and is not alive he was from North Yorkshire and "is said to have lived 169 years" the actual age is yet to be conformed!

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