New inventive traffic Law in Sanya: make you lose face

New inventive traffic Law in Sanya: make you lose face
Aug 18, 2016 By

Recently, Sanya Traffic Enforcement has taken a proactive approach to mitigate common traffic violations by motor scooter drivers including non-designated lane use, running red lights and wrong-way driving. In the afternoon of Aug 10, Sanya traffic cops have implemented a new way to detect traffic offenders—plain-clothed officers manned with specialized equipment are installed at intersections to manually catch drivers in the act. When a driver running a red light is encountered and caught, the officer will follow the driver home and require the entire family attend an ad hoc lecture on traffic rules.

A representative with Sanya Traffic Enforcement explained that the agency has formed a specialized unit comprising highly experienced traffic officers to combat scooter drivers who run red lights. High-definition closed circuit surveillance, radio communication with on-duty traffic officers and plain-clothed cops are all deployed to catch scooter drivers who violate traffic rules. The officers then follow the drivers home or to their workplace and require the family or workplace colleagues to relearn traffic rules, ensuring that the offender understands what they had done wrong.

Sanya Traffic Enforcement indicated that the new approach has garnered quite a bit of success in stopping scooter drivers from violating rules while on the road—many of them indicated that they don't like to lose face in front of relatives and colleagues and will comply here on out.


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The Chinese drive how they walk, driving here is terrifying bordering to the point of suicidal.

Aug 26, 2016 12:03 Report Abuse



While the application of humiliation against traffic violation maybe new there is nothing new with this tactic. Humiliation is everywhere during the Cultural Revolution. It is extensively used as a form of mental torture along with physical torture such as hanging you up with only your two thumbs tied and arms up, kneeling on broken glass, for both sexes btw. Many of these civilian torturers, i.e. majority of the population, are both alive and never condemned let alone punished for their heinous crimes as defined by Western standard. Mainland Chinese ARE different, they are right.

Aug 20, 2016 08:51 Report Abuse



Since humiliation in front of those who know them works so well this or variations of this tactic should be applied to other behaviors such as shitting on streets, yelling on mobile, grabbing every last bit of food off a buffet table, using hotel room water flask as urinal, cutting off and stealing brand new carpet under hotel bed....the list is endless.

Aug 19, 2016 23:15 Report Abuse



This is very revealing. Breaking a law, being a criminal, having low morality, endangering the lives of others etc. "No big deal as long as no one sees me do it". "If I'm caught, I'm embarrassed but if not, I'll keep on doing it". Perfect example of what passes for morals for many in China. I always hear about how people in China care more about the group rather than the individual. Yet, when you look at daily life in China. For example, the way people here get on or off public transportation, they way people here drive, the way public areas are treated like restrooms and trash cans, the cutting of lines etc. The population shows extremely selfish and individualistic behavior in most instances of daily life. The "collective" Chinese behavior I've always heard of must be hiding somewhere....

Aug 19, 2016 15:06 Report Abuse



In tianjin mostly cars drive during red light.once i noticed police officer was begging them for no to park their cars on foothpath...i wish they could teach same thing to stupid tianjin people

Aug 19, 2016 11:54 Report Abuse



Ok, why and on what grounds punish the family? I should not be punished for what my dad did. I guess when people have 0 rights this is ok.

Aug 19, 2016 09:21 Report Abuse



Nice. Those who break the traffic rules (bikes, motobikes, cars, etc), must take classes, to re-learn the traffic rules. Will it work, only time will tell.

Aug 18, 2016 21:18 Report Abuse



so, if you kill someone your colleagues and family get executed, too?

Aug 18, 2016 19:21 Report Abuse



Good. Enforce it, send it everywhere. They need a license to breed, but any idiot with a pulse can operate an e-bike.

Aug 18, 2016 18:54 Report Abuse