Netizens Joke Wendi Deng Left Murdoch for Putin

Netizens Joke Wendi Deng Left Murdoch for Putin
Jun 17, 2013 By

With Russian President Vladimir Putin recently leaving his wife of 30 years and media tycoon Rupert Murdoch filing for divorce from Wendi Deng on June 13, June is really proving to be a goldmine for tabloids across the world.

Now there are even more rumors to speculate on regarding the notoriety of Deng; though the latest ones come from none other than China’s netizens. Many have joked that it was in fact Deng who ended the marriage after she got wind of Putin’s divorce and has now set her sights on marrying the Russian leader. One user joked, “Sounds like Murdoch cannot stop Wendi from dedicating herself to Sino-Russia relations.”

This comes in light of various rumors regarding a series of high-profile affairs involving Deng and MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe, as well as former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. 

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Source: Want China Times

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With her appearance, she anyway has zero chance! lol

May 29, 2014 09:06 Report Abuse



Wendi, soon to be world's hottest billionaire.

Jul 12, 2013 12:18 Report Abuse



Well my first reaction is who cares and my second would be hoping that this all helps the dirty digger to wake up screaming in the night.Thirdly i'd like to see protracted divorce proceeding with Wendy taking the "dirty digger" for billions, mind you she would still need billions and some to move in Vladimirs circles. People should excamime how Putin has become the richest man in Europe, despite any recognnition from Forbes magazine. The Tzars are dead, long live Putin, and Wendy, they'd make a luverly couple

Jun 18, 2013 12:34 Report Abuse