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It started off as sensational pictures on the internet of an Audi parked upon a roof in the village of Houbu, Zhejiang Province. The poster had originally explained that the car was lifted up there by a crane because there was no more parking available on the street. Apparently, every time the driver wanted to go out, he would supposedly use a crane to lift the car back down.

The internet is strange. But real life is stranger.

A news report has confirmed the sighting of the car parked upon the roof with eyewitness reports, but has uncovered other reasons behind the penthouse parking.

A reporter tracked down the landlord of the building, who is named Wang Qin (a pseudonym). She confirmed the implausibility that there is, in fact, an Audi parked upon her roof and that it “belongs” to her son-in-law, a Mr Zhou.

Ms Wang explained that her son-in-law has borrowed several hundreds of thousands of Chinese Yuan from her, but has been unwilling to return it. Ms Wang explains herself as such:

"He always carries his car keys on him. One time, he called his friends over during the middle of the night and wanted to go out; however, I kept the car here the whole night long. Seeing that this method won't work for long, it was for the best that the car is put upon the roof."

Once the debt has been repaid, the car will be put back down on the ground, says Ms Wang, barring any Evel Knieval heroics.

Ms Wang has been unwilling to discuss other details of the case, details that may touch upon other roof top extra-curricular activities that have been deemed illegal.


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I'll bet you the son goes up there one day, in a drunken stupor.. Then just drives the car off the roof and collects his Darwin Award.

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what goes up...

Apr 05, 2015 11:44 Report Abuse