Man has Issues While Trying to Bring 12 Bottles of Duty Free Whiskey on Flight

Man has Issues While Trying to Bring 12 Bottles of Duty Free Whiskey on Flight
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A man had a run-in with airport security over the 12 duty free bottles of whiskey he purchased in Sinagpore during a transfer in Chongqing.

The man, Lin, traveled from Singapore home to Xiamen on August 29, with a stop in Chongqing in between. He purchased 12 bottles of whiskey for less than 2,000 Yuan in a duty free shop on his way out of Sinagpore. Duty-free salespeople told Lin that as long he as didn't open the bottles, he could take them all the way home without a problem.

However, when he went through security in Chongqing, airport staff told him that he had to check the bottles and could not carry them on the plane.

Lin went to ask about packaging options for the whiskey. Airport staff told him that a simple bag was not enough, for 12 bottles he needed secure packaging with foam and padding. Secure packaging for six bottles of wine cost 860 Yuan, 12 bottles cost 1,720 Yuan.

“If secure packaging cost a few hundred Yuan that would be fine, but the cost is almost as high as the price of the whiskey itself!” In the end, Lin angrily took out his suitcase full of clothes and stuffed the 12 bottles into it to be checked.


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guy is an matter how much duty free liquor you still have topay duty when you import it...the limit for china is 2L.

Sep 06, 2015 00:01 Report Abuse



is that an airport or a packaging center?

Sep 04, 2015 20:34 Report Abuse



how much kick back does the duty free shop get?

Sep 02, 2015 17:35 Report Abuse



They don't need a kickback. They sold to someone who wouldn't have bought anything had he known the rules. So it's an extra sale they wouldn't have made if they were honest.

Sep 03, 2015 12:47 Report Abuse