Malaysian and Chinese Men Jailed and Deported for Growing Marijuana Outside Beijing

Malaysian and Chinese Men Jailed and Deported for Growing Marijuana Outside Beijing
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Beijing police recently arrested a Malaysian named Huang Yi for growing marijuana and drug trafficking. It was three months after he was named in by drug dealer named Feng. A police drug squad followed Feng to his home in Jishuitan, Xicheng, he confessed to his crime and also named Huang Jia.  

The Chaoyang Police narcotics corps launched a three-month investigation and finally found Huang Jia, He was running a small marijuana farm outside of Beijing with his Chinese partner Huang Yi. The two suspects were arrested by police.

Huang Jia confessed that he had smoked marijuana back home for ten years, and had learned to grow it from foreign farm workers. He later moved to Beijing and planted a small patch for his own consumption.

In the meantime, he opened a restaurant and worked in international trade but did not get rich. This made him very anxious. Last July, he met Huang Yi who told him that he had a piece of land where they could grow marijuana.

In June 2016, Huang Yi and Huang Jia were tried in a Chaoyang court on suspicion of drug trafficking. Chaoyang police reported that Huang Yi and He disagreed the laws of the People’s Republic of China and sold drugs many times. However, no evidence of drugs being sold in the community was found. Huang Yi was sentenced to four years and six months in prison and fined 10,000, while Huang Jia was deported.


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Should have had a little smoke with the officers :D

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maybe the quality of his crop didn't meet cpc standards?

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don't disagree!

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convicted with no evidence...

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