Mainland Customer Charged 50,000 HKD for 2 Bottles of Peppermint Cure Drops

Mainland Customer Charged 50,000 HKD for 2 Bottles of Peppermint Cure Drops
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A Mainland customer was charged 50,000 Hong Kong Dollars for two bottles of Ricqles Peppermint Cure Drops at a Mong Kok pharmacy after the cashier originally said that the two bottles only cost 60 Hong Kong Dollars.

Mrs. Zhang was shopping at Mong Kok pharmacy When the clerk rung her up, her total was 60 Hong Kong Dollars. She offered up cash, but the cashier said that she could use her UnionPay card at the store. She handed the clerk her credit card to pay, and later found that she had been charged 50,000 Hong Kong Dollars. She returned to the store, and the sales staff refused to refund her purchase. Zhang then turned to the police for help.

The clerk told Hong Kong’s Ming Pao News that the bottles of Ricqles were priced at 25,000 Hong Kong Dollars each, but the writing on the price tag was a bit sloppy.

Zhang said that because of her bad eyesight, she did not see the tiny price tag or the small numbers on the receipt clearly until later.

Police stepped in, and Zhang was able to return the peppermint cure drops and receive a full refund. However, because the sum of money involved was so large, Hong Kong Customs investigated the situation as well. Customs officials believed that the pharmacy may have violated Hong Kong’s Trade Descriptions Ordinance. Three of the pharmacies’ staff were detained in the investigation.

Sina Hong Kong reported that the shop in question, Long Xing Chinese and Western Pharmacy, had signs into the window claiming that it was “government registered,” and “duty free.” However, there have been a number of complaints against the store in the past.

The South China Morning Post reported yesterday that the pharmacy has continued business as usual and has not responded to the incident.


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Gotta ask what flavor of Ricqles costs 50,000 HKD? Cocaine?Meth?

Dec 02, 2015 17:16 Report Abuse



the pharmacy has continued business as usual, because they can afford one refund out of a thousand ripoffs

Dec 02, 2015 05:26 Report Abuse



Even an 80 years breather didn't cut it for teaching them civilization. Chinese getting back to being Chinese, is all.

Dec 01, 2015 20:51 Report Abuse



80 year? You're knowledge of recent history is poor, as is your comment.

Dec 01, 2015 22:19 Report Abuse



This could be a brilliant solution for HKers to protect themselves and their consumer goods from smuggler hordes...

Dec 01, 2015 20:35 Report Abuse