London Girl Figures Out How to Make Jianbing, Crispy Layer and All

London Girl Figures Out How to Make Jianbing, Crispy Layer and All
Sep 26, 2013 By

The Jianbing – that delicious crepe-like breakfast snack that’s soft on the outside and crispy on the inside – has officially gone international and is now being sold at Camden Lock Market in London.

The crispy layer in Jianbing has long been a subject of debate and awe: what is it made of and can it be recreated outside China? Many an international student has left China with the thought of someday recreating it in their home country, only to utterly fail.

One genius stall-holder at London’s famous Camden Lock Market has somehow figured out how to recreate the Jianbing – crispy layer and all. Melissa, a fresh graduate from University of London, was introduced to the Jianbing by her sister who, like many others, came back from Beijing raving about the delicious street snack. And so, with the economy in dire straits, she decided to try her luck as a Jianbing seller in Camden.

Melissa’s impressive stall has all the proper Jianbing equipment and condiments, from chopped cilantro to the deep-friend wanton wrapper (mystery revealed!). And it’s even nicely wrapped in Chinese newspaper. She allegedly learned the craft merely by studying online videos. A genius we say!


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