“Lazy” Shanghai Student Shocks Peers with Early Admission to Oxford

“Lazy” Shanghai Student Shocks Peers with Early Admission to Oxford
Feb 04, 2016 By eChinacities.com

In the Spring Festival period, other students are all busy studying for their final exams. Shanghai’s High School Attached to Fudan University in Pudong (Fudan Pudong Attached High School) student Song Xifeng received a pleasant surprise- an early acceptance to Oxford University’s Waldham College.

In the eyes of her peers, Song Xifeng is not a top student. She considers herself to be a bit “lazy” about school. She occasionally forgets her homework, and falls asleep early and doesn’t study. In fact, Song was tired during school because she was taking a second course load to pass her A-levels.

Studying abroad is Song’s own choice. Her parents were initially against the idea, but Song was very insistent. She made it her goal to study abroad after realizing how competitive the domestic college entrance exam is. Eventually, she won her parents over on the idea.

Song enrolled in A-level courses held Monday through Friday in addition to her regular classes at Fudan Pudong Attached High School. On the weekends and during vacation, she took extra A-level courses at a tutoring center. “It was hard to give all my attention to both sides. The quality of my A-level courses was much higher than my school courses, and the tuition was lower.”

Song received an A* in basic math, and A* in advance math, and A* in physics, and an A in honors chemistry. She also received an 8.0 on her IELTS.

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some for you; Haroon Tariq (Pakistan) 47 A's in O and A-levels Shreya Vardhan (India) : highest score in SAT and TOEFL =100% Arfa Karim (Pakistan): Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at 9yrs (2004-2008) Mehroz Yawar (Pakistan):Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at 6.5yrs (2009) Ayan Qureshi (Pakistan) :youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at 5yrs (2009-date) Eqbal Asad (Palestine)): World's youngest doctor at 14 yrs Jamie Edwards (UK) : Worlds youngest scientist to achieve nuclear fusion at 13yrs Its easy to point others,so i will give my own example, being a dumb student, lazy as hell till high school and then found motivation. 29 years of age now, have 3 bachelors ,2 MBA's, Scholarship at Stanford Uni for Phd 2017, ACCA, ICAEW and a GMAT score of 720, all while i was working to support the studies so 9 years of work experience...my motivation to start = a girl.. There are tons more from every country in the world. All these are not rich, just have enough motivation. Find your motivation and appreciate others who are in the process aswell. Help each other grow. Being born poor is not your fault, but dying poor is your fault, be it mentally or financially. Take care, love to all.

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well there is no doubt alot of talent in asia. as far as laziness goes, monalisa was the only painting Da Vinci actually finished. She might have been lazy or whatever, but she found her motivation and worked for it, atleast she deserves the appreciation for that. As far as the quote " being rich gets you in ivy school" goes, well that might be true to some extend, butits oxford, not middlesex university, still have to put some effort to get in. Its just a lame excuse for truly dumb and lazy people who just dont want to work hard enough. Being not born with resources is not ones fault, but not working hard to change that is their fault. Tons of people in top notch schools like Harvard, oxford etc.from india, pakistan, afghanistan, china etc. who come from nothing and yet get scholarships. All educational records have always been won by people coming from nothing. Just gotta work hard and less of pointing fingers. get a GMAT score of 700+ anyone can get in IVY schools, provided if you are willing to do it. Dont need a bank statement for the application either.

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That's what you get for being rich: getting in to a top ivy league school

Feb 15, 2016 08:13 Report Abuse



I dunno. She seems lazy to me! ;D

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Hot & Smart! Awesome combo! Wishing you the best !! *trivia note: Oxford name comes because it was built along the spot on the stream where the oxen forded across to get from one pasture to the other.

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Some of the smartest people I know in China appear lazy too, it's just that their mind is not as easily stimulated as the nongs who are amused like little monkeys at the sight of a foreigner, if they are students, they already know most of the shit taught to them at school, also they do not "pretend" like most Chinese do all the time you know, they do not pretend to be busy or someone important, they are real people. Wish her all the best in Oxford.

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Yep, comes from nongmin, it's a slang to describe the average low class Chinese stuck in their narrow, xenophobic, ignorant ways.

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amen to that!

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I am not sure if a person taking simultaneously another course could be called lazy ...

Feb 10, 2016 10:48 Report Abuse



..as opposed to the entitled, self-righteous, ethically ambiguous, self interested mores of, say, the middle classes?

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the UK sold out its higher ed in the 90s

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Her laziness will be exposed in Oxford.

Feb 04, 2016 16:37 Report Abuse