Labor Activist Charged for Yue Yuen Strike

Labor Activist Charged for Yue Yuen Strike
Apr 30, 2014 By

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Police have arrested a labor activist amidst of one of the biggest and longest strikes in Chinese history, as reported by us on April 18. Lin Dong, who works for a labor dispute company, has been charged with disrupting public order and organizing protests.

The strike started on April 5 and swelled to include around 40,000 workers. It is unclear to what extent the strike is still going on as the majority of workers have reportedly returned to their work.

Police fear that the mass action might result in further social unrest and are looking to make a few signal-sending arrests to curb the strikers’ enthusiasm.

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They want modern slaves. They want to give bow of rice and except this people will be happy.This is result of selfish attitude. It is sad to see how selfish Chinese society is. It is funny to hear about they are talking about some harmony bullshit.

May 04, 2014 14:23 Report Abuse



That is capitalism without freedom for you. People must have money to be free in a communist state that is not socialist. But then that is what the people fought for and betrayed their allies, except USSR, for.

May 05, 2014 11:45 Report Abuse



I guess the social security laws don't matter much.

May 03, 2014 20:57 Report Abuse



It's normal to protest and struggle for better workers rights. It's only by a long fight they'll can improved there social rights. All my heart is with them!

May 03, 2014 18:53 Report Abuse



No need to punish the factory owners who didn't pay the workers social payments even though they collected the money from the workers. I am glad those damn peasants were punished. How dare they oppose their betters. They should be grateful earning a pitance for their hard work. They are so selfish sometimes. Don't they realise that if they were paid more the owners would make less money? I am sure they would feel really guilty when they realise that the owner lost a lot of money during the strike. Now he can only buy one of his mistresses a diamond ring this year. Nice going selfish peasants. I hope one day these selfish migrant workers realise just how selfish they are being and agree to work for bread and water. These people disgust me.

May 01, 2014 10:19 Report Abuse



Migrants are so stupid and clearly should be put in reeducation camps or get fined or have their pay cut.... Clearly they don't realise that they have to kill people and be from xingjiang for anyone in power to pay attention to them.

May 02, 2014 13:04 Report Abuse



Dear ignorant carlstar, I think you are crap english teacher who has no clue about history of xingjiang.Firl of all xinjiang means new territory. China took kind of control of it after killing all the top government people in plane crash in 20th century.Their leader agreed to be member of communist party but it was just cheap chinese trick. These people never belong to China and they have no common with Chinese except they have many wars wit them. They are treated like shit and they dont have passports. This nation is left isoloted to be miserable. Now do you except this people be happy about chinese government policy? They dont care about anything and they are fearless.

May 04, 2014 14:30 Report Abuse



Oh my god, oh my god, you called me Dear, I am swooning over here. Me so sorry master. I will never be such ignorant crap English teacher again. Just a thought, do you understand blatant sarcasm? Pretty sure you don't because myself and lord_hanson are doing the olde, whatever we say is the opposite..... Perhaps you need some more time with a crap English teacher to teach you how English is written. China will fail in the west and the Han Chinese and their leaders, will face a greater act of terrorism against them because a minority in their home land has only one recourse which is terror. It is an old tactic and is impossible to stop or defend against. Of course the target people could commit mass genocide, which has only been done culturally at this point.... Also the same time the above came out, the leader of China said it was time to crush the terror of Xinjiang. That is referencing current events.

May 05, 2014 11:24 Report Abuse