Kindergarten Teacher Fired for Having Students Hit Each Other as Punishment

Kindergarten Teacher Fired for Having Students Hit Each Other as Punishment
Jun 24, 2016 By

A kindergarten school teacher allegedly told students to slap each other in the face after misbehaving in school.

On June 17, a parent of a student at a kindergarten in Yuming, Fushun noticed that their son’s face had a mark on it. The parent called the school immediately to report it.

In a video given to the parents, the teacher, Ms. Liu explained the incident. She said that the four boys had been misbehaving. They had been hitting a female classmate in the bathroom, and trying to take off her pants. Many female students ran to the teacher to complain.

Ms. Liu punished the boys for misbehaving and harassing their classmate by having the female student they were attacking come forward and hit each of them. She said that she never told the student to hit them in the face, but the student was not especially smart. The female student hit each of the boys in the face.

Parents alleged that the teacher then encouraged two of the boys to hit each other. Ms. Liu did not admit that she did this, but said, “If they bully you, you hit them back.”

The parents of the four boys did not accept Ms. Liu’s explanation. The children were only five or six years old, too young to understand their own actions. The parents added that picking on girls is normal for young boys and said that the teacher’s punishment was too harsh.

The kindergarten teacher was fired and the parents received a refund of three years of nursery school tuition from the head of school. “We can only take legal action. The teacher did not incite the students to hit each other,” said the school.


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The Chinese have a problem with hitting. Everyone hits everyone. I've seen men beating their wives on the street. I told one if he hits her again I'm gonna knock the living sh*t outta him. He just grabbed her and ran into their nearby apartment building. I don't condone hitting...but if one of you Chinese guys hit an American woman like that you'll get a beatdown you'll never forget...and just walk away from American definitely don't want to go there.

Oct 22, 2016 00:21 Report Abuse



4 boys gang up on one girl, hit her and try to remove her pants, and that's NORMAL? God, if I were the girl, I would have bypassed their face and gone straight for a knee to the groin. And 3 years worth of refunds? The parents are probably praising their sons now.

Jun 28, 2016 18:03 Report Abuse



Seriously? Boys that young trying to sexually assault a girl? What on earth happened to happened to good family education? The parents should discipline their children for despicable behavior especially towards girls. Seriously, we are teachers NOT nannies. We shouldn't have to discipline your kids for you. You are the PARENTS, it's your job to show your kids some respect. I say bravo for the teacher for allowing the girl to give each of them a slap. Those little cavemen deserve it. Girls need to learn to defend themselves against idiots like that, in fact everyone does. I remember once, a boy put his hand up his classmates skirt. She turned around and punched him full on in the face and was very traumatized. The boy was crying about being hit. I told him he deserved to be slapped and made him apologize to her.

Jun 28, 2016 15:10 Report Abuse




Jun 27, 2016 13:58 Report Abuse



Yep, relying on manipulation and violence to solve problems instead of peaceful dialogue. 5000 years of culture, my foot!

Jun 27, 2016 15:04 Report Abuse



I would bet anything that their parents were motivated by greed and didn't even punish their sons for what they did. What's to stop them from encouraging their sons to try the same thing in their next school in the hope of getting another cash payout? It makes one lose all hope for China's next generation.

Jun 27, 2016 12:12 Report Abuse



So they think it's perfectly ok for young boys to sexually assault a girl in a bathroom? For the love of god, sterilize their parents to make sure they can never breed again. People like that make me sick.

Jun 27, 2016 12:08 Report Abuse



How sick!

Jun 26, 2016 00:07 Report Abuse



This bit from the parents amazed me "The parents added that picking on girls is normal for young boys and said that the teacher’s punishment was too harsh."! Like WTF? The parents should be disciplined for attitudes like that. Bloody idiots.

Jun 25, 2016 23:35 Report Abuse



They are raising their sons to do worse in the future.

Jun 25, 2016 17:25 Report Abuse



If the boys really did this then I can't comment on the actions of the teacher. Chinese males learn very early on how to be cavemen. And to claim children at that age can't understand right from wrong, this explains everything.

Jun 25, 2016 13:29 Report Abuse



so, it's normal for chinese boys to gang assault girls

Jun 25, 2016 00:43 Report Abuse



Apparently so. Men hit beat their wives/girlfriends in the street and no one bats an eyelid. You try to help her and you get mobbed.

Jun 28, 2016 15:26 Report Abuse



so, at what age are chinese boys able to understand their own actions?

Jun 25, 2016 00:42 Report Abuse



wow, 3 years of tuition refund. Not bad. If it was in international kindergarden, that is big bucks

Jun 24, 2016 19:11 Report Abuse