KTV Hostess Dies After Jumping From Foreigner’s Car, Family Seek Compensation

KTV Hostess Dies After Jumping From Foreigner’s Car, Family Seek Compensation
Dec 17, 2013 By eChinacities.com

In August this year an expat named William met a KTV hostess named Li Aili and brought her back to his house, but on arrival the two started having an argument. William, clearly not amused by this development, decided to return Li to the KTV bar. But at 02:00 Li Aili “jumped” out of the car and was knocked unconscious. She was taken to hospital where she remained in a coma but sadly died due to her injuries 20 days later.

On December 11, Guangdong’s Foshan Courts heard the case. Li Aili’s Family don’t believe that she would jump out of the car for no reason, and have asked the courts to order William to pay over 1 million RMB in compensation. Only one problem, William has returned to his own country.

31 year old Li Aili was married with one daughter. Her husband, Mr. Tang, works in Hangzhou. Li Aili moved to Foshan in 2011 for work. In August, William and some friends came to the hotel’s KTV bar and that is where William and Li Aili met.

A lawyer speaking on William’s behalf delivered a statement that William made through a translator: “Two people left the hotel to find accommodation, once in the car they started to quarrel, Li Aili wanted to get out of the car and wave down a taxi, William said it wasn’t possible and that he could take her back. He turned the car around. Li Aili, worried about being scolded when she returned, opened the door and jumped out. But her family refuse to believe this.”

The case has been under investigation for the past 4 months and as such the family has been unable to bury Li Aili’s body. She still lies in the morgue. However, it seems her husband’s main concern is that with William out of the country, who will compensate the family?

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In other case I will suspect that rape are involved and the girl are trying to run away and jumped. Here in China, I suspect the girl is trying to jump and injured herself so she can get blackmail the guy. One of my friend was driving and suddenly an old lady jump out of nowhere and starting to shout, and then some ppl show up out of nowhere demanding him to pay "medical bills" even though he stopped before he hits her and there are not even a scratch on his bumper. Fellas I have an advice for you if you got a car in China, install some security camera to prevent shit like this happening.

May 15, 2014 08:01 Report Abuse



Amazing.........ktv hostess married with one child........husband and her family knows she gets boned many times every week.....and all they care is about money......tell the husband to get a real job to support the kid....

Dec 20, 2013 12:47 Report Abuse



Agree with above, that guy is most likely a deadbeat...i mean honestly this guy doesn't live in the same city with his wife and she's working at a KTV? Who knows what happened with the foreign guy, there's some shady people here, but it's one of those "guilty until proven innocent" situations where barring signs of a serious struggle in the car a fair court would have to acquit. I can see why an innocent man would flee. Western media hypes up foreigners (immigrants) too, but whether immigration is good or bad (plenty of studies show both outcomes) at least in the U.S. it is a relevant issue. They ARE tons of immigrants. In China at any given time there are probably less than 1 million foreigners including tourists so .07% of the population. I mean really it's a drop in the bucket and the idea that ANY of China's social issues are caused by foreigners is absurd.

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as long as you are a foreigner you have to belt the wild cat. in china foreigner are always demonized. if a Chinese hits you don't retaliate cuz the police will come there and delete the security footage leaving only the part that shows you hitting back, then they will fuck you side ways.Good for you William that you are outta the country if not you'll spend the rest of your shiddy life making some scum who sent his wife to make money for the family rich. in china when a Chinese kills another Chinese by accident the normal compensation ranges from 200 to 250:000rmb but since this has to do with a foreigner the compensation goes up 4 or 5 times.

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Good point...

Dec 18, 2013 14:51 Report Abuse



That woman is either wearing sunglasses or she is reacting to a plate of french fries as would a cartoon wolf would.

Dec 18, 2013 10:54 Report Abuse



Girl jumped and died.I dont understand the idea behind to be compensated. Normal people will not suicide so easily.

Dec 18, 2013 08:58 Report Abuse



it is so typical to demonize foreigners in Chinese media. I have a hard time believing that someone could reach across from the drivers seat, unlock the passenger's seat belt, unlock the door and open it and push the passenger out. All of this going on while cruising down a road and passenger resisting and fighting back? A lot of Chinese will do crazy things to avoid embarrassment and public shame. Just look at the Chinese boyfriend who jumped to his death because his GF would not stop shopping. The foreigner leaving country does not mean he is guilty either. Anyone who has lived in China long enough would understand that if you are wanted for something you are innocent in, you would just leave. The Chinese justice system generally leans on the Chinese side, meaning that foreigner would be probably be imprisoned.

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So she was married, worked in a KTV, and left with a foreigner (we all know what for)? Stay classy China.

Dec 17, 2013 17:45 Report Abuse