Internet Café Recluse Rejects the Outside World for 6 Years After Graduation

Internet Café Recluse Rejects the Outside World for 6 Years After Graduation
Mar 27, 2013 By

The relentless educational pressures felt by countless students across China must at least make them realise that after graduating the series of life tests continue as they head out into the big wide world and try to make a name for themselves. Well for Li Meng of Jilin province, fulfilling such expectations hasn’t really been on the agenda.

Li, who has a noticeably pale complexion and long, shaggy hair, graduated from university six years ago, and spends his free time as a recluse playing video games in an internet café. Even during Spring Festival, Li remained stuck to his seat, taking naps on the computer desk whenever the world of online gaming tires him out.

Li claims to earn 2,000 RMB a month, which is more than enough to cover his monthly internet café expenditure of 500 RMB.

Upon being asked any further details about his life, Li simply didn’t answer. The café manager stated that people are starting to feel sorry for him, though have generally chosen to leave him alone. The manager stated that someone did boil dumplings for him during Chinese New Year however.    

In a bid to offer him help, a social psychologist from Renmin University popped over along with Ding Jian, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology at Jilin University. Both experts said they tried to break into the mind of his internet-addicted twenty-something, though Li was quick to shut them out and get on with his gaming.

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