Impressive But Illegal: Beijing Professor Builds Fake Mountain Villa on Rooftop

Impressive But Illegal: Beijing Professor Builds Fake Mountain Villa on Rooftop
Aug 12, 2013 By

A Beijing university professor surnamed Zhang, has built a fake mountain complete with a dense layer of vegetation on the rooftop of a housing compound near Purple Bamboo Park in Beijing. At first glance, the strange structure looks like some kind of quirky tourist attraction, but closer inspection reveals that it’s actually a 1000 square foot residential villa.

All houses in the Renji Shanzhuang compound have a two-floor house on top of the 26 storey building. Zhang bought the house and then demolished it, using up the entire rooftop to build his “mountain villa”. To not make his house that obvious to prying eyes, Zhang planted a mini-forest of trees and plants all around.

Not all neighbors are applauding his creativity however. The building has been erected for six years already but construction of the villa destroyed the roof’s drainage pipe and now it apparently rains into neighbor’s flats. Some people have also expressed concern about the safety of the building, worried the entire residential building might collapse under the weight.

In response to the complaints and media attention the house has been receiving, a staff member from the Haidian District Urban Management Unit has said that the building’s construction was illegal and that Mr. Zhang did not apply for the paperwork to knock-down the original 2-storey rooftop house.

Authorities are currently in talks with Zhang, who’s most likely fuming that his dream house of over six years is under threat.


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You would think with how expensive housing is here and how intense people are about buying property that you wouldn't let some a-hole slowly destroy your property. Seriously, someone had to realize the harm of building a massive structure like that would do...alas, only in China.

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