Hotel Compensates Bridal Party after Accidentally Filming Them Changing

Hotel Compensates Bridal Party after Accidentally Filming Them Changing
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A bride’s special day was ruined when her and her bridesmaids caught the hotel filming the entire bridal party changing outfits during the wedding.

This past Saturday, a bride name Zhang had her wedding at a local hotel. She had originally planned to change after the ceremony in a locker room, but it was being occupied by another bridal party. Instead, the hotel arranged for Zhang and her bridesmaids to change in one of the hotel offices.

When the ceremony was over, Zhang and her bridesmaids went to the office to chance their clothes. While they were changed, they realized that the office had a computer in it. The monitor was facing them and the red indicator light was on. They were being filmed.

Shocked, the women contacted the hotel manager and demanded an explanation. The hotel manager told them that the camera was used for security surveillance. The women realized that whomever was watching the footage may have gotten quite a show.

“Sorry, this was a mistake. We were really busy today and forgot that the office was attached to the surveillance camera,” said the hotel manager.

Zhang and her bridesmaids did not think that the apology was enough. She called the police, who soon arrived at the scene.

Police mediated a solution. The hotel manager said that the incident was the hotel’s fault and apologized again. The hotel agreed to compensate the nine victims 3,000 to 10,000 RMB each, depending on how much they had been exposed to the camera. The surveillance footage was subsequently destroyed.


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It is not the only case like exposed to camera. There are so many cases. But I salute to the courage of the couple because they reported the case to Police with out care of their own reputation in the public.

May 15, 2016 15:23 Report Abuse



"Accidentally." Uh huh. "Surveillance footage was subsequently destroyed." Uh huh.

May 14, 2016 09:37 Report Abuse



Victims were paid depending how much they were exposed?? So how much a titty will cost them yo))))

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coming to a website near you soon

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