Hong Kong Air Hostesses Study Wing Chun; to Calm Down Angry Passengers?

Hong Kong Air Hostesses Study Wing Chun; to Calm Down Angry Passengers?
Aug 02, 2013 By eChinacities.com

Unless you haven’t been reading the news of late, you’ve surely heard about the heated discussions about flight delays in China. Delays in China have been known to cause many passengers to become somewhat irate; and in what is being widely interpreted as a response to this “air rage”, Hong Kong Airlines have recently been teaching their air hostesses Wing Chun.

For those of you who don’t know, Wing Chun is a school of Chinese martial art that focuses on self defense through balance and relaxation techniques, and has become synonymous with Chinese culture over the years.

Many netizens believe that Wing Chun performances will be given to angry passengers who are suffering from delays, and it is interesting to note that only the female flight attendants are being trained in the martial art.

Hong Kong Airlines have played down the speculation however, and have stated that the study of Wing Chun for its air hostesses has been going on for three years in attempts to strengthen their willpower and bodies, and generally provide better service for their customers.

Source: Xinhua

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Great stuff. Wing Chun is maybe the most practical kung fu for today's world. There is actually a nice Wing Chun club in Shanghai. practicalwingchun.cn

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why need transit visa for hk for pakistani's?

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