High School Students in Fancy Dress Mistaken for Terrorists, Shot at by Police

High School Students in Fancy Dress Mistaken for Terrorists, Shot at by Police
Aug 08, 2014 By eChinacities.com

A dramatic showdown between local cops and alleged terrorists turned out to be bust The ‘terrorists’ turned out to be teenage anime enthusiasts engaging in cosplay.

When police in Mengjin received a 110 emergency call that there were suspected terrorists armed with large knives near the gate of Nanling Park, they rushed over to the scene. There they found two figures dressed in black robes and black hoods carrying sickles, whilst terrified onlookers backed away from them.

When confronted with the police, the two suspects put their hands up but one of them failed to drop his weapon, prompting a policeman to fire a few warning shots. The suspect quickly dropped the weapon and the two were arrested.

Once they got them down to the station, the police discovered that the ‘terrorists’ were actually two high school students who loved anime. Theyhad bought the costumes and ‘weapons’ online. They had gotten excited as they had just been delivered and wanted wear them out on what would become a disastrous trip to the park.

Police gave them a stern warning, but didn’t charge them with disturbing public order, as they were minors.

Source: news.cnr.com

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It's still better than the USA. One of them would have been dead because he didn't drop his "weapon." At least both would have been prosecuted for something like insighting a panic. They would have been violently beaten by police because they were "resisting arrest." Then, only after they were fully subdued and handcuffed, face down on the cement with a cop's knee on their skull, they would have only then been tasered or maced. Because it's only appropriate to send 50,000 volts through someone's body after they are unable to move. It satisfies the officers twisted urge to see a body going into a seizure while handcuffed.

Aug 09, 2014 04:16 Report Abuse



What the heck.....why bring USA in the topic. You have too much hate in you.

Aug 09, 2014 06:25 Report Abuse



WCG is probably from USA and knows American cops are scumbags. There was actually a kid playing with a toy gun not long ago who was shot and killed. No one had called to report anything. It gets caught on tape, unarmed people being shot for what appears to be no good reason, and nothing or very little ever happens and then only after a public outcry. The "Land of the Free" imprisons a larger percentage of its population than any other country.

Aug 10, 2014 07:33 Report Abuse



...can't wait till Halloween!!!

Aug 09, 2014 00:08 Report Abuse



They look EXACTLY like terrorists. In all terrorist incidents that I've heard of the perpetrators wear black KKK outfits and have plastic scythes. NO WONDER people thought they were terrorists.

Aug 08, 2014 18:39 Report Abuse