Hengshui, Hebei Requires the Impossible: No Charge Stations but Taxis Must All Be Electric Cars

Hengshui, Hebei Requires the Impossible: No Charge Stations but Taxis Must All Be Electric Cars
Aug 09, 2016 By eChinacities.com

According to local news reports, taxi drivers in Hengshui City of Hebei Province are complaining that they are being forced out of their jobs. This is because the drivers are not able to register new cars after their old cars are impounded after 8 years on the road or after an accident. Starting on March 1st of this year, Hengshui Vehicles Commission is requiring that all new taxis must be alternative fuel vehicles. The Commission will not be registering new or renewed vehicles powered by gasoline.  

Taxi drivers report that the new requirement is impossible to comply as there are no charge stations nor alternative fuel vehicle selling lots in Hengshui. Hengshui Transportation Bureau acknowledges that there are a couple dozen taxi drivers who are forced off the road since the implementation of the new rules. One must ask then what the local officials were thinking putting this new requirement to effect. According to a staff at the Bureau, the new policies were enacted by the Hebei Provincial Transportation Management Department. The municipal officials in Hengshui felt that the matter is out of their hands at this time but they announced that they are proactively seeking out viable solutions in coordination with other agencies.

Source: http://m.thepaper.cn/newsDetail_forward_1509795

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And of course, every departments within the government blame each others for such a stupid decision, none of which is willing to take responsibility and fix the problem. So typically China.

Aug 10, 2016 18:20 Report Abuse



Thinking? what's that?

Aug 10, 2016 07:00 Report Abuse



poor taxi drivers

Aug 09, 2016 20:32 Report Abuse



Ever taken a taxi in Hebei province? Rust buckets with a chimney smoking behind the wheel. Didi must be laughing their tits off at this news.

Aug 09, 2016 18:58 Report Abuse



Some sort of scam to force all taxis out of business, then a friend will offer his taxi company's service to the city?

Aug 09, 2016 18:35 Report Abuse



Yes, I wouldn't be surprised at all, this is common practice in China.

Aug 09, 2016 22:58 Report Abuse