Hangzhou Mother and Daughter Arrive in Moscow for Dream Trip, Only to be Deported Back

Hangzhou Mother and Daughter Arrive in Moscow for Dream Trip, Only to be Deported Back
Aug 10, 2016 By eChinacities.com

A mother and daughter from Hangzhou surnamed Luo signed up and paid 23,000 RMB for a much anticipated eight-day trip to Russia. The duo arrived in Moscow airport after transferring flights in Beijing. Upon arrival they were told that their names were not on the verified travellers’ list and were turned back. When contacted by local papers, the travel agency who provided the tour explained that the unfortunate event was caused by a computer error at the borders. The local travel agency offered a full refund plus compensation in the same amount.

Early in July, Luo made good on her promise to her daughter after she got good grades on her finals and booked a “luxurious eight day trip in Russia” with a local travel agency. They paid their fees in full and flew from Hangzhou to Beijing on July 18 and then had an eight hours flight from Beijing to Moscow on July 19, arriving at 5 pm local time. When lining up for customs and immigration, Moscow border agents refused entry for Luo and her daughter because their names were, the only two, missing from the group of 21 for the tour. The tour group leader tried to intercede but in vain and Luo and her daughter were turned back on a flight to Beijing that very night.

Luo said that she will never consider that same travel agency again and will take no less than full refund plus three times of the paid amount in compensation. The two parties cannot come to an agreement in terms of compensation and are still in negotiations.



Source: http://news.ifeng.com/a/20160809/49746557_0.shtml

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So what's her logic here? RMB23000 in compensation, plus RMB69000 for hurt feelings and loss of face?

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Will take no less than the full refund plus three times the paid amount in compensation." Haha, these people do not know how to come out ahead in public opinion battles. They get sympathy from things like this, then promptly squander it by making outlandish restitution claims. She should be compensated, but royally overshot herself.

Aug 11, 2016 13:46 Report Abuse



from Russia with______

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