Gucci Quits Anti-Counterfeiting Associate to Protest Alibaba’s Acceptance

Gucci Quits Anti-Counterfeiting Associate to Protest Alibaba’s Acceptance
May 10, 2016 By


U.S. luxury brands are still angry about Alibaba’s recent acceptance into the International Alliance Against Counterfeiting (IACC). Michael Kors quit the group in April after the announcement, and Gucci announced last Wednesday that it is also leaving the association.

Gucci was removed from IACC’s member page this past Wednesday. The move may have come from Gucci’s owner, Kering, which has a history of legal issues with Alibaba. Kering has sued Alibaba in the past for allegedly facilitating the sale of counterfeit versions of products from the brands it owns which include Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga.

Michael Kors previously released a statement calling Alibaba “our most dangerous and damaging adversary.”

China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce published a White Paper this last January criticizing Alibaba’s Taobao platform, claiming that as many as 30% of Taobao products are fake versions. In response, Jack Ma said that the company would cooperate with the government and expand its anti-counterfeiting team.  

IACC has more than 250 members including Apple and Chanel.


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Criticized! That'll fix 'em...

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Big legit brands should quit and create their own organization to compete aginst the corrupt IACC.

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