Guangzhou Nanny Steals 200K RMB Worth of Goods from Employers

Guangzhou Nanny Steals 200K RMB Worth of Goods from Employers
May 18, 2016 By

A wealthy woman in Guangzhou hired a new nanny only to have her leave her daughter alone and steal all of her valuables.

Mrs. Guan from Jinsha New Residential District in Baiyun, Guangzhou hired a new nanny without drawing up an official contract.

She said that a housekeeping company had recommended a nanny to her named Li Qing. Mrs. Guan had had several housekeepers and nannies and had always had good experiences with them. The housekeeping company had the correct business permits, so she decided to trust their judgement. On May 14, she gave the Li Qing a trial run and gave her the key to her apartment and the card-key for her apartment complex.

Later that afternoon, Mrs. Guan started to feel a little bit sick and she went to get her husband to accompany her to the hospital, leaving Li Qing alone with her 6 year old daughter. When Mrs. Guan and her husband returned two hours later, she found her daughter home alone. The nanny was nowhere to be found.

“I opened my closet and found that the 17,000 RMB I had in cash was gone,” said Mrs. Guan. Li Qing also stole a jade necklace and gold coins worth more than 70,000 RMB, and iPad, and Mrs. Guan’s brand-name cosmetics. “She stole nearly 200,000 RMB worth of property,” said Mrs. Guan. She is thankful that nothing happened to her daughter in the incident. 


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Some nanny will steal, especially when they know you are wealthy.

Jul 19, 2016 21:30 Report Abuse



and you couldnt have taken both of them with you to hospital, so your valuables and, more importantly your child wouldnt be in jeapordy ?! Ms. Guan, you have won the "Idiot of the Year 2016" award. Proceed to your nearest roof on a tall building and take a leap of faith...

May 19, 2016 15:44 Report Abuse



...and the police said...?

May 19, 2016 02:40 Report Abuse



leaving a child alone with a perfect stranger doesn't seem wise

May 19, 2016 00:52 Report Abuse



Hope this thief is caught soon. A disgrace.

May 18, 2016 21:21 Report Abuse