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On December 28 in Heyuan, Guangdong Province, 46 year old Brother Wu was out on his motorbike when he came across an old man who had fallen over. Brother Wu went over to help the man up, he then took him to hospital and called the man’s family. A couple of days later he gets a call from the family demanding he pay compensation for causing the old man’s injures. A common story in China these days, however the ending is far more tragic.  

A few days after being accused of hurting the old man, Brother Wu, committed suicide. According to his wife, he felt he had no other option. However, if he had waited a couple of days more the police would have confirmed his side of the story: there were no collision marks on his motorbike, he couldn’t have caused the accident.

Source: chinadaily

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Can anyone afford kindness in China?

Jan 06, 2014 19:58 Report Abuse



R.I.P. Brother Wu

Jan 06, 2014 20:52 Report Abuse



Why is suicide option number 1?

Jan 06, 2014 22:13 Report Abuse



Because China.

Jan 06, 2014 23:49 Report Abuse



i was about to ask the same question

Jan 07, 2014 16:55 Report Abuse



HIHIHHI thanks for the answer

Jan 07, 2014 16:56 Report Abuse



nullum beneficium est impunitum

Jan 07, 2014 10:10 Report Abuse



such a sad story.... Does the wife now demand from the old mans family compensation?

Jan 07, 2014 10:41 Report Abuse



fucked up country is losing its decent people.

Jan 07, 2014 12:18 Report Abuse



China has lost another decent human being because of more fucking greedy, inconsiderate scum. What a disgusting culture where nobody can help others. Maybe the old fuck who got knocked off his bike next time won't be so lucky. There is no hope for China...

Jan 08, 2014 09:02 Report Abuse



Greed. Treachery. Fraud. Lust. Violence ..... are not unique to China. But China certainly effortlessly topped the list. Solid reasons for mainland Chinese to be proud of their "strong and rich" nation....who dare not respect such kind of a nation?

Jan 10, 2014 19:08 Report Abuse



Maybe this story looks like just another awful example of how the Chinese people can be greedy and opportunistic. But as with all stories on the internet - indeed in any media - there is often so much information missing. Do we know for sure that the old man accused Brother Wu of hitting him? We just assume that because his family tried to get money that it was the old man's idea. In fact, it's possible that he was unaware of their actions. Next, maybe after being knocked down by someone else, the old man suffered a concussion, and simply assumed that the next person he's aware of - helping him, as it happens - is in fact the person who knocked him down. Third, when a person takes their own life, there are often many, complex, long-term factors that contribute to it. Almost been there twice myself, and so I am well acquainted with the inner turmoil and darkness that leads to such a final, despairing act. Yes, the old man's family's "demand" for compensation pushed Brother Wu "over the edge" - but I highly doubt Brother Wu was of such a fragile nature that this one thing did it. Ultimately, if we are honest, each person is finally responsible for their act of committing suicide, even if there appears no other alternative to them in that moment. Is the money-grabbing part of Chinese culture that we see all too often a good thing? Of course not! But while China may have this dark side of their collective behaviour fairly prominently visible, let us not forget how often people in the US sue each other and businesses for all manner of ridiculous "personal injury", and how many other places around the world - notably Africa (sorry Africa, but it's just true) - are just as "greedy", selfish and inconsiderate. Maybe we would do better to blast the Chinese people less - even if they "deserve it" - and do more to contribute a positive experience to the world. Do we really expect that continually berating, tongue-lashing and generally negatively venting all over the Chinese people on safe, anonymous social media sites like eChinaCities, or Facebook et al, actually does China any good or helps them to moderate their behaviour? I seriously doubt it. I'm not blind to the bad behaviour: I just don't think the venom that many spit at said behaviour is at all helpful - to either side, as it happens. Maybe that speck of dust in our collective western eye really is more like a plank of wood...

Jul 25, 2014 07:06 Report Abuse



Damn, do they pay you by the word now? PS You're trying too hard.

Jul 26, 2014 19:03 Report Abuse