Giant Turtle Discovered in Henan; Expert Suggests to Eat it

Giant Turtle Discovered in Henan; Expert Suggests to Eat it
Sep 18, 2013 By

A villager from Wangzhuang Village in Henan discovered a 6 kg turtle while ploughing a field on September 17. While turtles aren’t that uncommon in China, the size of this one (45 cm x 32 cm) and the fact that that particular breed normally lives in water in North America, startled the locals.

After word got out of the unexpected four-legged resident, netizens were quick to identify it as a snapping turtle, a freshwater species that normally lives in Canada and parts of the Rocky Mountains. Netizens were also quick to comment about its price: 50-80 RMB per 500g.

That afternoon after examining a photo of the turtle, Dong Zhaowei, an “expert” from the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Forestry Wildlife Rescue Center, confirmed everyone’s suspicion that it was indeed a snapping turtle from North America. He continued  by warning local villagers to not let it back into the wild but to hand it over to the wildlife department or to kill it and eat it. According to Dong – who let us remind you, works for the Wildlife Rescue Center – the meat of such turtles is delicious.

How is this man working for a department that supposedly protects wildlife?!


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How is this man working for a department that supposedly protects wildlife?! Because he was trying to save the cost of return to its native land, and money is everything to his bosses

Sep 08, 2015 20:01 Report Abuse



Someone brought it back to China is a mistake. To kill instead of figuring out how to deal with this mistake is far more worse.

Sep 22, 2013 14:17 Report Abuse



how about put it in a zoo or bring it back to its own territory? like killing everyone and everything is always a good answer. stupid humanity

Sep 22, 2013 08:22 Report Abuse



Actually good advice to eat it- This is a rogue non indigenous species. It could be as detrimental as the Python situation in S.Florida ...Somebody thought releasing them to the wild was a good idea. Stop acting like jerks and do your home work.

Sep 21, 2013 15:11 Report Abuse



I don’t know if they just want to stay in their "Chinese’s clichés" or they really are that ignorant.

Sep 21, 2013 18:54 Report Abuse



Yes let's just eat everything. The answer to all life's problems.

Sep 22, 2013 10:49 Report Abuse



Mr. Dong sounds like your typical Chinese expert. Being the smiling 5th cousin of a forestry official ensured that he got the job in the ZZ Municiple Beareau. He is therefore qualified beyond reproach.

Sep 20, 2013 12:26 Report Abuse



Big turtle..... In china.... Did anyone else think about Chinese pollution and mutation? Someone give that turtle a mask and a sword!

Sep 19, 2013 09:52 Report Abuse



Haha! You're right. It's a Ninja Turtle indeed.

Sep 19, 2013 11:22 Report Abuse



Well, Mr. Dong’s advice it’s not so crazy... If this turtle is indeed a North American specie (fact that was proved beyond reasonable doubt), it could become an “invasive species” and we (those who dint slept at the science class) all know how those stories could end. If not, you could see the sixteenth episode of the sixth season of The Simpsons. Anyway, I would better advise to kill the as@!+} who brought the turtle here or the one who unleash the “Pterois” on the Caribbean.

Sep 19, 2013 06:36 Report Abuse



Dong Zhaowei is not an "expert". He is a f$&@ing farmer. The netizens should eat him! Chinese think just because something has a heartbeat it is good to eat. What a disgusting attitude. Let the poor turtle go and stop thinking about your stomach you peasant!

Sep 18, 2013 23:51 Report Abuse



Like in the article those are common sites in America... When I go fishing back home I see them all the time, but I have not heard of anyone eating since my grandfather... but I guess thats just a difference in culture a bit

Sep 18, 2013 22:11 Report Abuse