French Student Receives First Chinese Internship Permit

French Student Receives First Chinese Internship Permit
Jun 22, 2016 By

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On June 20, Charles Vanoverschelde became the first French student to obtain an internship work permit in China. He collected his permit at the Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau as part of an agreement signed by China and France last year.

The internship work permit is a residence permit and work visa marked “intern.” China and France signed an agreement to promote international exchanges. As a result, 1,000 students from both countries will take part in the program every year.

Vanoverschelde will work at Camaieu Apparel (Shanghai) Co., a French clothing company in Shanghai.

The internship permit program is open to students who have graduated from French or Chinese universities within the past year.

Three other French students are in the process of obtaining their internship permits as well. The program is a way for Chinese companies to hire more foreign interns, and gives Chinese youth new opportunities to see the world.


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France must really suck nowadays

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English teachers with heavy french accents coming to a training school near you.

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