Former Doctor Caught Taking Exams for University Students

Former Doctor Caught Taking Exams for University Students
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A former hospital doctor was caught earning a living taking exams for university students and medical students. He was recently caught standing in for a medical student at a university exam held in Huangshi, Hubei. Students had to show an ID before entering the test, and staff realized that a candidate allegedly named Dai was not the same age as stated on the ID given. The candidate soon admitted the male candidate was not actually Dai, and had been paid to take the test for her.

Dai, a 29 year old PhD student, had contacted Yan a former doctor in a hospital in Chengdu this past October. Dai had told Yan that she would pay him 60,000 Yuan to pass an exam in her place. On December 26, Yan traveled to Huangshi to take the test.

On December 30, Dai surrendered to Chengdu police and said that she will cooperate. Yan was also arrested by police and charged with cheating on the exam.

Yan confessed that he originally had worked as a doctor in a hospital, but had found that he could make more money taking exams for medical or science students. He quit his job in 2013, and has earned a living taking tests for others ever since. 

According to Chinese criminal law, organized cheating on national exams can result in a fine or up to seven years in prison.

Yan is in criminal detention, and Dai has been released on bail. The case is still under investigation.


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Did he pass?

Jan 13, 2016 12:04 Report Abuse



organized cheating on national exams can result in a fine, or up to seven years in prison: gotta wonder what the fine to imprisonment ratio is...

Jan 07, 2016 08:54 Report Abuse



So a Chinese female student asks an older male to take her exam for her and expects to get away with it. How dumb is she?

Jan 06, 2016 18:10 Report Abuse



both of them...

Jan 07, 2016 08:47 Report Abuse



Does China have an equivalent to the Hippocratic Oath. Wouldn't surprise me if not.

Jan 06, 2016 16:51 Report Abuse