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A Chinese man who’s wife got a bit overzealous with a home cupping kit ended up being rescued by the fire department and a rusty saw.

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Source: Chutian Metropolis Dail

The incident took place on Tuesday in Wuhan, Hubei province, after the man, surnamed Hu, lay on the sofa and asked his wife to go to work with the at-home Chinese medicine therapy kit.

An air pump was used to create a vacuum and stick small plastic cups to Hu’s skin.

According to the Chutian Metropolis Daily, however, the cups were stuck too tight, rendering one impossible to remove.

After Hu’s wife employed pliers and a hammer to no avail and a local clinic sent them packing, the couple’s son eventually arrived and took him to hospital, no doubt shaking his head at his parents’ folly.

Staff at hospital took one look at the stubborn cup, the skin within which had now risen to a gruesome height of 5cm, and called in the fire brigade.

They arrived with what looks like the most unhygienic saw in the world and finally freed Hu from the grasps of the cup.

The Wuhan man has promised to be more careful with his home remedies in future. 

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